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Use Luggage Tags Smartly With These Simple Tips

By Naresh Chainani 

Do you travel frequently for office or personal reasons? Well, every one of us loves traveling as it gives us the chance to make lasting memories, but the thing we hate the most is carrying luggage on the board. Though, it is important, but what if it gets misplaced? How do you find it in a completely new place out of all the similar design bags? Have you ever experienced something like this before? Well, if no and if you don't even want to face the situation ever, so, you should understand the importance of the luggage tag. Most of the frequent travelers are aware of the product, but those who don't let us clear the confusion. Basically, a luggage tag is a useful travel accessory that every traveler must use.

The simple math behind using this is that, when you go out, a number of people have the similar design, size, and colors of the bags that get interchanged unintentionally, which can be dangerous for you and chances that you'll lose all your belongings. In an order to avoid such situation and to save your time, every frequent traveler should invest in luggage tags. Labeling your luggage may help you identify it easily, but in an order to take its benefits to the fullest you have to follow certain tips mentioned below.

    Make sure you include all the necessary details like any phone number or address or flight details (optional), so, the person who got your luggage can contact you easily.

    Also, make sure the detail is clear, correct and understandable. But you also have to act smart while putting your details, so, no one can misuse it.

    Always use a waterproof luggage tag, so, the details onto it don't get smudged.

    Use some customized or personalized tag to identify it easily in the crowd.

    Try to use more than one luggage tag on different handles that come in handy when one gets misplaced.

    Make sure the luggage tag you are using have non-edgy and not-so-sharp ends, otherwise, it might harm you or anyone with you.

All the above smart tips will help you use a luggage tag for identifying your baggage in crowd while boarding or de-boarding the flight or checking or check-out the hotel. Investing in it doesn't cost you much but lost of your belongings on the board does, so, you should make this investment to keep your luggage safe, secure and searchable.

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What Makes A Great Hotel?

By Amanda J Hales

Choosing a hotel for a business trip or a vacation is a big deal. You want the best place you can get, no one wants to be stuck in a dirty, sketchy place where you don't find it safe to even sit on the bed let alone get in it. But how do you know which hotel is a good hotel? It isn't really about room size or how big the towels are, but instead most people agree it's the little things that make a hotel feel like home.

If the hotel staff is helpful, friendly and show a lot of hospitality, you know you're in the right place. It also of course helps that the lobby is well lit and clean as this is a precursor of things to come. If you can check in without a hitch and your key card actually works for your room you're in business. Careless check in and key cards that just won't allow you into your room, the pool, the gym, etc just aren't good enough in this day and age.

Next is location. If you are going on vacation to a specific place, like a theme park or a monument, you will want a hotel that is close enough so that you aren't traveling for hours on end once you get to your destination. Thankfully with the internet, you can look at where hotels are in respect to where you want to go before you even leave home.

And then there are the amenities, those things that make your stay more enjoyable and more like home. We're talking comfortable, clean beds, lots of nice things in the bathroom to use, a good amount of towels, in room coffee and tea, clean glasses and cups, a decent television and free WiFi. An in room microwave and fridge are also great amenities, especially if you are traveling with kids, but are also great to keep and reheat your dinner leftovers later on when you get peckish.

With online reviews you can get a pretty decent picture of most hotels on your list. And with so much competition chains are striving to be bigger and better than their competitors down the street which is only good news for us, the travelers and the ones actually staying in the rooms.

Another good thing to look for is perks that hotels give for repeat guests. Play your cards right and you may just get a free night!

Nestled in historic Grass Valley, CA, the Gold Miners Inn welcomes travelers with their 80 creatively designed guest rooms and suites. You'll love the hot breakfast bar, the Corner Store and all of the other amenities an they also host weddings and conferences. So next time you want to explore Western Nevada County, check into

10 Golden Rules That Can Turn a Novice Into a Master Traveler

By Devon Stewart

Even savvy travelers aren't born as masters. Few abroad travel experiences, proven rules, and standards, and the local guides help them grab the title of being a master from a novice nomad. The travel aficionado minds are born of countless tiny errors, insane mistakes, and cultural unawareness and missed buses.

Nonetheless, the mightiest always leaves a giant bucket list of learning, lessons, and experiences that will resist a novice committing the same.

We bring the spotlight to the ten golden rules that could help you turn into a master traveler.

    Book Flights 3-4 Months In Advance

Booking the flights earlier lets you get the absolute cheapest fare. So, why not plan 3-4 months before and schedule the trip wisely!

    Book a Group Travel Package

Choose your vacation from the best holiday packages that pack exciting deals and offers. Especially group travel packages are cheaper than solo or duet packages.

    Get a no-fee ATM card

There's no sense of paying a bank fee. Get an ATM card that doesn't charge any fees. This way you can save and use that extra money for your traveling.

    Get City Attraction Cards

If too many tourist places and attractive destinations are on your to-do list in a short period of time then city pass will save you from hefty entrance charges plus it will save your bucks on commutation as well.

    Carry emergency cash

Emergencies never knock the gate beforehand. Imagine the time when you don't find an ATM nearby and need money for the bus to the hotel or hostel you are staying. You will perpetually end-up with no option left. Better to keep the emergency cash.

    Get Vaccinated

The charges of Hospitals in a foreign country are inevitably higher than in your own country. So, better shield yourself with vaccines your doctor recommends and save yourself from falling prey to an illness. Also, we suggest you keep those medicines that cure you well, don't rely upon to get the same medicine brand abroad.

    Take pictures of your luggage

If your bag gets lost, this will help identify it more easily and speed up the process of having your travel insurance reimburse you.

    Search Incognito

Hide your browsing history from websites while you search for flights. By using incognito mode on your PC you restrict those websites to track your cookies and raise the price on you.

    Always Take A Power Bank

The zero battery in mobiles and DSLR's are a real mood spoiler. Carry a power bank and keep your mood good.

    Avoid Taxis

Taxis are always a budget buster. They run you out of a budget. Better to use city transport to get going.

If you have any questions or need any additional information regarding your group travel plans, you can call or email a reliable travel company. Their professional and seasoned travel agents help you arrange a custom travel package at an affordable price.

Devon Stewart is the founder of Trippin Travel, the USA's leading Travel Company. He is interested in sharing knowledge on the upcoming events in the USA and some travel tips that may help tourists around the world.

Booking A Ski Lodge? Do These Five Things First

By Morris Raymond 

When winter comes along, it's a little hard not to get a little discouraged by the cold. Then again, if you're going to be spending part of your winter basking in the awesomeness of a ski lodge, winter may just be the best season of the year.

After all, there aren't a lot of people who can say they've spent time in a ski lodge, and just the name itself elicits a certain amount of allure and luxury. And while this housing alternative certainly has a lot to offer to guests, there has been a greater push to have ski lodges and resort towns be more accessible to the regular guy just looking to 'wow' his family during the dreary months of winter.

If this is actually your first time heading out to a ski lodge, you may not be fully aware of what to do and what needs to be in place when you book your trip. This may seem like something stressful, but rest assured, it's not necessarily too far off from the usual trip planning.

Here are five things you need to get taken care of when you're about to book a ski lodge:

Set Dates & Schedule - Before you book any trip, you definitely want to know when you'll be taking the trip and what type of schedule you'll maintain during your trip. While this is important for all trips, ski getaways are massively popular, which means if you're not really on the ball, you may not have a booking available.

Get Input from Your Family - Being able to form a trip schedule means knowing what activities you want to be a part of while your away. Get your family together and see what types of things everyone wants to do. You may find that you're on the same page. Even better, ski lodges have great websites showing their amenities, a tour of their facilities, and a breakdown of things to do during your stay.

Plan Your Packing - This is mostly a note for parents who want to make sure their kids are packing what's needed. However, if you're a person that tends to be bad at packing, you might get some practice in, especially if you're packing a little differently for your lodge.

Rent or Buy Gear? - If you'll be doing skiing or snowboarding, for example, you might want to find out if it's better for you to rent your gear or buy it. If you buy it before you leave, remember that you'll have to figure out how to travel with it.

Decide How You Will Get Around - You only have so much time for your vacation period, so make the most of it. If you're still trying to decide on a lodge, take into consideration how long it takes to travel there, whether you'll rent a car there, and how far away from things your lodge stands. If too much time is used to travel & move around, it may not be the lodge for you.

Don't be too taken back by the idea of booking a ski lodge for the first time. With these helpful hints, you're sure to feel a bit more at ease. And even if you are a regular trip planner, these tips may actually be helpful in getting your mindset ready when booking season comes along. The most important thing to take away is to not fret too much every little thing. Look forward to having a great time and, most importantly, trying to figure out when you can start planning your next trip.



Hubbard Mansion
DESCRIPTION: Don Hubbard presents a fabulous Greek Revival house filled with intergenerational wonders and Victorian antiques; beyond the wrought iron gates, the home flaunts a four-column ivory portico preceding seven-foot windows and balconies that overlook the Avenue; magnificent foyer and spiraling staircase, private quarters reveal king-size legacies of perfection, imperial mahogany beds and regal armoires with matching chaise lounges compliment hardwood floors blanketed by oriental rugs; marble whirlpool, carriage house, living and dining areas, fully-furnished kitchen, washer and dryer and 2 1/2 baths are featured as well

BREAKFAST: Deluxe Continental
PRICING: $150-$350 per night, two nights minimum
ADDRESS: 3535 St. Charles Avenue  MAP
PARKING: on premises
TRANSIT: St. Charles Streetcar is in front
PHONE: 504-897-3535


Martha's Vineyard Inn
DESCRIPTION: Within walking distance to the center of Vineyard Haven and West Chop; when you enter the 5-room inn with spa, you are greeted by an old trunk in which you leave your old stresses. Wake up for breakfast and then unwind in our relaxing hot tub; find Victorian furnishings, fine paintings, and hardwood floors; our living room is designed for with a high tea server in the afternoon; enjoy natural spa treatments such as massage, yoga, sauna and mineral baths

ADDRESS: Vineyard Haven
PHONE: 800-595-9996 or 508-693-0001

East Marion, NY

Quintessentials Bed & Breakfast and Spa
DESCRIPTION: Started in 1994 by Jamaican, Sylvia Daley as the first bed & breakfast and full-service spa on the North Fork, Long Island; a romantic, 1840 Victorian inn, Quintessentials blends Caribbean flavor with European style, featuring deluxe suites and rooms with gas fireplaces, private sundecks and whirlpool baths; a full-service spa, personal image development service in relaxing, elegant surroundings in Long Island Wine Country; indulge for an hour or a day in stress-relieving treatments from a relaxing hot stone massage, reflexology, effective, results-oriented skincare, steam room, Reiki energy balancing, or their signature marine and vino therapies that incorporate wine, grape seed, seaweed, Caribbean herbs and essential oils; many patrons also enjoy the spa parties and wine tours on the East End and Hamptons

PRICES: $250-$300 per night
ADDRESS: 8985 Main Road (Route 25A)  MAP
PHONE: 800-444-9112 or 631-477-9400

Newport News, VA

Divine Alkhemi Wholistic Skincare Boutique
DESCRIPTION: Malikah Divine first began her natural beauty experience at the age of 21 when introduced to the world of natural skin care by a beautiful West African woman in Harlem by the name of Folasade', the owner of Sade Skin Care; her skincare boutique located in Historic Hilton Village; provides natural skin care to treat and prevent skin disorders and to maintain the skin of men, women and teens; other clients use their service for special occasions such as weddings, fashions shows and photo shoots; spa treatments and packages, catering to pamper parties, bridal parties are available; the retail shop features deluxe, handcrafted skin care products

DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 11a-6p; Sat by appt only
PRICES: begin at $10-20
ADDRESS: 10202 Warwick Blvd  MAP
PARKING: free behind the boutique
PHONE: 757-246-2324

Beverly Hills, CA

Lady Dee's Day Spa & Skincare Studio
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1988, Lady Dee offers a wide range of services and packages to treat clients spirit and physique; the spa feature 11 relaxing parlor rooms in a 3,000 square feet spa and a well-stocked gift shop; her spa specializes in treating all skin types and hyper-pigmentation caused by child birth, sun damage and birth control pills; Lady Dee was mentored by Dr. James Fulton who cleared up her severe acne problem in college; services include chemical peels, waxing, electrolysis, facials, body wraps; the massages will make you a repeat patron – they are really good; Black celebrity clients include Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, Lonette McKee, Nancy Wilson, Nia Long, Toni Braxton, Chris Tucker, Tommy Davidson, Eddie Griffin, Kenny Lattimore and Natalie Cole

DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 9a-9p, Sat 9a-5p
ADDRESS: 155 South Robertson Blvd  MAP
PARKING: street
PHONE: 800-6LADYDEE or 310-659-7082

New York, NY

Sugar Hill Harlem Inn
DESCRIPTION: Located on Sugar Hill, high on the cliffs overlooking Harlem in a limestone townhouse renovated in 2001; the area known as Sugar Hill is steeped in the history of the Harlem Renaissance; Sugar Hill Inn is focused on this history and all of their terrific non-smoking rooms are dedicated to the many great artists and civil rights leaders who were associated with this area; celebrity-themed rooms were meticulously designed and decorated by Carol Donawa, a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design

PRICES: $125-$275 per night
ADDRESS: 460 West 141st Street  MAP
TRANSIT: near 1, A, B , C & Dsubway lines
PHONE: 917-464-3528

Pampered Man Pampered Woman Spa
DESCRIPTION: Walking through the doors is like entering your own private sanctuary filled with relaxing sounds of instrumentals, the gurgle of water flowing over polished stones in a copper-bowl fountain and a gracious smiling staff; offers facials, natural nail care, therapeutic massage and a variety of body treatments while strongly reflecting the flavor of Oakland -- a lobby display features hair and beauty products manufactured in the city;; by spa standards, prices are affordable, particularly combination packages; one excellent value is the 3-hour long Completely Pampered Man or Woman package, which includes a 30-minute massage, a spa pedicure, a pampered manicure and an express facial

DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Wed Noon-7p, Thu-Sat 10a-7p
PARKING: on street
ADDRESS: 458 Perkins Street, Suite 104  MAP
PHONE: 510-418-2252




Ports-of-Call: Nassau, Bahamas and Freeport, Bahama

Cruise Dates: February 1-5, 2018

Comments: Join sexy, accomplished, beautiful people from all over on the 4th Annual Huddle on the Sea! Setting sail from Jacksonville, FL Superbowl Weekend- Thursday, February 1, 2018- Monday, February 5, 2018 heading to Nassau, Bahamas and Freeport, Bahamas aboard the Carnival Elation!5 fun-filled days and 4 sexy nights aboard Carnival’s Elation cruise liner with exquisite meals, access to world-class entertainment including comedy shows, access to fitness and spa facilities and more! Plus enjoy exclusive events planned just for our cruisers!



Cruise Dates: February 3-8, 2018

Ports-of-Call: Dominican Republic - Grand Turk

Comments: From sunrise to sunset and around every corner for 5 days, there's something planned for you. All white parties, dance party an. Prepare to be fully involved with so many activities



Cruise Dates: February 3 - 10, 2018

Port Of Embarkation: Departing from Fort Lauderdale

Ports-of-Call: Ft. Lauderdale, Cozumel, Mexico, New Orleans, LA

Comments: Since 2001, The Jazz Cruise has presented the very best straight-ahead jazz in the world. With nearly 100 jazz musicians on the ship, 2018 is no exception. Adding spice to The Jazz Cruise ‘18 is our newest port of call, New Orleans! For 27 hours, the sounds, tastes and excitement of New Orleans will be ours for the taking, featuring special events, concerts, restaurant offerings and tours.



Cruise Dates: February 4-11, 2018

Port Of Embarkation: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ports-of-Call: Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Road Town, Tortola, BVI

Comments: The Legendary Blues Cruise has truly been a wildly life changing experience for literally thousands of musicians and blues cruisers alike. Imagine dancing at the front of the pool deck stage while our luxury ship sails at 20 knots under the stars, or sunbathing on an upper deck while the bands play directly below.



Cruise Dates: February 10-17, 2018

Port Of Embarkation: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ports-of-Call: Ft. Lauderdale - Belize- Costa Maya, Mexico - Cozumel, Mexico - Cococay, Bahamas -

Comments: The Smooth Jazz Cruise for is the #1 jazz cruise on the planet with over 15 of top selling artist.