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Meet the Goal of Education Through an Educational Tour

By Rizvana Manzoor 

Educational tours are very important in a student's life as they impart practical or visual experience to the wards and give them an opportunity to explore new things. Apart from that, they help in providing experiential learning to the students and transforms complex topics within the understanding levels of the students. Experiential or visual learning helps them in choosing the right career at the right age paving way for faster and sustainable development. Majority of the educational tours helps in the overall development of the students. These educational tours support the modern education philosophy of 'learning while doing'.

This philosophy of learning while doing is completely against rote learning and promote self- learning coupled with fun and recreation. Realizing the benefits of experiential learning many schools are arranging education tours once in a year. Few national education boards and universities compel the management to arrange an educational tour once in every academic year. Realizing the importance of these tours numerous companies in the market are offering education tour packages at pocket-friendly prices. Many of these packages are customized in nature making them more viable for students of lower income levels. These packages mostly include all sorts of features that are needed to be included in an educational tour and can be customized further as per the requirements of the clients. The price for a customized tour plan can be decided after due consultation with the client.

Let's look at the few pre-trip tasks of an educational tour in common and how to choose a right partner for your tour:

• Timing of the tour - Plan your tour dates well in advance to avoid any kind of last minute rush. Communicate the same to your organizer so, that they can arrange everything well and proper.

• Decide the destinations you would like to cover. This can be done effectively only if you are aware of the objective of the tour. Hence, it is always advised to share the objective of the tour to your organizer as this will help them in chalking out the best package for you.

• Decide the strength that is willing to join you. Communicate the number properly and well in advance in order to avoid any kind of mismatch at the end. Size of your group has a direct implication on the convenience of the trip.

• Communicate with the specific points that you would like to visit. This also tied to the objectives of the tour.

• Know about the places that you are going to visit as a part of the trip. This will help you in understanding the guide's explanation about a particular spot well and would add up to your knowledge bank.

Finally, take an expert adviser's opinion about the places you visit, timing and any other anticipated issues.

Communicating all the above requirements with your tour partner and receiving due confirmation from them makes your educational tour hassle-free and happy.

Thanksgiving for God's Love

By Craig Condon 

Muhammed Ali was the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. He won 56 of his 61 professional fights and knocked out 37 opponents. His most famous catchphrase was, "I am the greatest!"

One day he was seated in an airplane when the flight attendant came up the aisle to make sure that all the passengers had their seatbelts fastened. When she reached Ali's seat, she asked him to buckle up. He sneered, "Hmph! Superman don't need no seatbelt!"

The flight attendant smiled sweetly and replied, "Superman don't need no airplane, either!" Ali fastened his seatbelt.

The words of Moses in Deuteronomy 8:7-18 impress on the Israelites and on us the need to learn a specific lesson from the past. Their experience of God's care in the wilderness period, when they were unable to help themselves, was to teach them humility through the Lord's providential discipline. The memory of that experience should have kept them from having pride in their own achievements when entering the Promised Land. Similarly, our experience of God's care in the tough times in our lives when we can't help ourselves should teach us humility. We learn this through God's loving discipline.

When Moses led the Israelites into the Promised Land, he urged them to be a grateful people. Thanks to God's blessings, the land was abundant, but they could easily treat this prosperity as something they deserved. From this, the people developed a practice of giving thanks for every meal, no matter how small. For them, it was all a gift.

Moses didn't want the people to forget that God was their liberator and leader. Remembering implies action and honor. The living God isn't bound by time. On the other hand, man, susceptible to the pleasures of the moment, is constantly tempted to limit his horizons to what he presently sees and experiences. The very thing that was Israel's goal-the Promised Land-was the possibility of her downfall. The God who blesses and sustains life was setting before Israel the choice: forget the Lord your God and perish, or re

Dependence is a two-edged sword. It can encourage trust, or it can encourage pride, rebellion and resentment. We as Christians are also susceptible to forgetting what God has done for us. We can get so involved with our daily lives and successes that we can forget that our successes are due to God's involvement in our lives.

The Israelites needed to learn that if they disobeyed God they would cease to have a claim on Him. They would be judged the same as other nations who had disobeyed God and were therefore punished. Each new generation, including ours, needs to grasp this fact and decide for themselves to be obedient to God. This was and is not to be treated lightly. It was and is a life or death decision.

The greater our success, the greater the risk of us thinking too highly of ourselves, as Muhammad Ali did in the story that introduced this message. We must view success as a gift from God. We must learn to see all of our successes as a gift from God, not our own achievement.

We can be so arrogant as humans. Not only do we start to think that we have made our way by our own strength, but we also turn away from the One who has blessed us so wonderfully. That happened to the Israelites, and it can happen to us.

Forgetting God means no longer having Him in our daily thoughts. This forgetfulness leads to disobeying His commandments. God designs our wilderness experiences so that we might learn discipline and obey Him. Through our obedience, we receive His blessings.

Sometimes God provides for us, but we aren't happy with what He provides or how He provides. We want what we want and we want it now. We don't consider that what we're asking for might not be good for us. We don't consider that the time might not be right for us to have what we're wanting. Sometimes we act like spoiled brats who always want their way. Can you imagine how it makes God feel when we act this way?

Nothing in the Bible condemns hard work in the acquisition of material wealth. God wants us to remember that our ability to earn wealth comes from Him and Him alone. God designed us to create wealth and be productive people. He wants us to provide benefits, services and protection to others. He wants us to create opportunities to help people.

In verses 17-18, Moses warns against remembering the Lord when times are bad and forgetting Him when times are good. His people remember Him through thankfulness and generosity in His name. God cares for his people as a father cares for his children. He provided everything the Israelites needed for their long journey, including the Word of God. He provides everything we need for our journey through life, including the Word of God.

Making progress in our life of faith begins with a clear vision of the outcomes we are looking for. We need to know not only what our objective in following Jesus is, but why that objective is so desirable and worthy of unremitting effort on our part. Progress in our life of faith begins with a clear understanding of what it means to be revived daily in God's Spirit and Word. As revived people, we can bring renewal of worship and mission to our churches and our communities.

God has prepared a place for us just like He prepared a place for the Israelites. There is no shortage of anything in this place. We won't lack any good things. In return, we are to give God thanks by saying a prayer like this: "Lord, I want to thank You that You are bringing me into my garden, a land of blessing, a land where my gifts and talents will come out to the full, a good land where I will fulfill my destiny, a good land where I'll live happy, healthy and whole, a good land where my whole house will honor You!"

Have you ever thought about how it makes God feel when we complain about the things He has provided for us? How much better do you think it makes Him feel when we give thanks to Him for what He has done for us? Instead of complaining about what we don't have, maybe we should be more thankful for what we do have.

When we have trying circumstances in our lives, we are often so busy asking God to quickly take them away that we don't stop to think that God, who oversees the entire universe, has not allowed this thing to happen by accident. He has given it to us for a purpose, and it will work for good. We can be content, even thankful, in every circumstance of life because Jesus will strengthen or empower us to do so.

We must always thank God for everything He has given us. In the worlds of a hymn we sing at this time of year:

We plough the fields and scatter

The good seed in the land,

But it is fed and watered

By God's almighty hand;

He sends the snow in winter,

The warmth to swell the grain,

The breezes and the sunshine,

And soft refreshing rain

All good gifts around us

Are sent from heaven above;

Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,

For all his love

Every day there are things in our lives to be grateful for. Some days may not seem like it. Those are the times to look a little deeper. Thanksgiving is not about the material things in our lives., though they can be nice. Giving thanks is about much more. It's about feeling for another, for what they've done for you, for what they've helped you with or what you've done for them.

Craig Condon, Lay Minister, Anglican Parish of South Queens, Liverpool, NS Canada. He regularly blogs on this and other sermons at http://www.sermonsfrommyheart.wordpress.com. He can be reached by email at super_craig@hotmail.com


No-Stress Thanksgiving Schedule

By Areg Boyamyan

It's easy to start panicking when the holidays creep ever closer, especially if you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house. But while a little bit of excited stress is good, too much will just ruin the holidays and is bad for your health. To avoid a stressful Thanksgiving, we've created a schedule that you can use as a general guideline to aid in your house and dinner preparations.

The Week Before Thanksgiving

We begin our schedule with the week before the food-lover's holiday. The more you can set-up beforehand, the less rushed and the less stressed you will be as Thanksgiving gets closer. No one likes to realize that they didn't do all their grocery shopping the night before having 12 people over for dinner.

    First, WRITE DOWN YOUR MENU, recipes and all. You don't want to go searching for the recipe when it's time to cook. If it's a recipe found online, print it out. If it's a recipe in a book, bookmark it and write down the title and page number. We recommend no more than eight dishes, including dessert. MAKE YOUR SHOPPING LIST at the same time you create your menu.

    ORDER YOUR TURKEY, unless you're happy to get whatever is available. When you are throwing a big gathering, it is advisable to reserve the type and size of turkey that you want with your local grocery store, if they allow you to do so.

    HOW WILL YOU SET YOUR TABLE? Do you have your seasonal tablecloth? All your plateware, silverware, and glassware? If not, this is the time to get it all squared away. You don't want to find out you don't have enough forks the day of.

    DRESS UP THE HOUSE - No Thanksgiving is complete without a little fall decoration for the house, or at least the dining room. Take care of all your house cleaning and decorating the week before to take a load off your mind when the week of craziness kicks in.

The Week of Thanksgiving

    Monday - Clean out the refrigerator and do your Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping. Remember that at least part of your turkey will likely still be frozen so you need time for it to completely thaw. This will take some time if it is an especially large turkey.

    Tuesday - If you are brining your turkey, that should be done today. Also today, make your pies (they will taste even better when made ahead of time because the spices get a longer time to develop), wash the dinnerware, and cut and dry out bread cubes for stuffing.

    Wednesday - If you will be making homemade gravy, this is the time to make your turkey stock with the neck, giblets, and vegetables. This is also when you want to do all the vegetable prep work, like washing and chopping so all you have to do the day-off is put it together. Finally, set the table, make the stuffing, and dinner rolls or other bread.

    Thanksgiving Morning/Afternoon - Do not sleep in Thanksgiving morning. Get up early, have a good breakfast, grab a cup of coffee, and get started. Take the turkey out of the refrigerator to come to room temperature and put any beverages needing chilling in the refrigerator. Cook everything that needs to be baked in the oven first so there is no interruption when the turkey goes in and then get that turkey roasting in the oven.

    Just Before Thanksgiving Dinner - While the turkey rests, place all pre-made dishes into oven to heat up while you make the gravy. Finally, take your pre-made pies out of the refrigerator to come to room temperature.

Happy Thanksgiving from reveal23!

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and enjoy ourselves, but we can still do so with healthy habits. To learn more about healthy lifestyle choices, visit our blog at|

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