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Where Is Intelligence and Logic in Religious Claims?

By Norma Holt

My experience and memory of reincarnation leaves me to wonder why so many believe in and accept an alternative. It does not take a genius to know that heaven and hell are non-existent. One has only to look into the universe beyond earth to know that. At the time they were first proposed the earth was considered flat and the sky was a continuation of the oceans. The sun and moon were thought to float on water in the upside down sea.

Such a dream could be excused in the light of the lack of knowledge and the unsophisticated ways of people at that time. But surely we can't forgive such ignorance in the age of space travel and enlightenment.

From the time of the first sedentary settlement until now man has searched for knowledge and to educate himself about how things work. While the first humans may have emerged from Africa the concentration of depositions of the research and suppositions are located in the Eastern regions, mainly in the Levant where agriculture first took hold.

As he ploughed the land and sewed crops man also gathered animals and began husbandry as an industry. The first signs of trade in these commodities were located in the cities of Assyria and Egypt. As they bartered so they also swapped ideas and religious beliefs.

These early steps towards an understanding of the universe took form in a coveted manner. Kings and chiefs used them to elevate their status and to prove their place as gods they began wars and fought others of their status. Men who died in battle were honored and promised great things in the after-life.

This is the format for the heaven and hell scenarios. Those who opposed their kings were targeted as traitors and cast into hell by their leaders. The facts are, however, that neither place exists as my reincarnation and that of millions of others confirms.

Anyone with reasonable intelligence can see that in today's world. So where is the logic in continuing the myths and prolonging the make-believe of gods that are fake and a system that is flawed?

When it is examined with modern scientific knowledge religious claims make no sense. To begin with a corpse has no living nerves so how could one feel either pleasure or pain when life stops? Each generation has progressed and their brain-power broadened as the past life experiences are brought forward in our memories so making reincarnation the way forward.

From those earliest first thoughts of religious worship until now the world has changed dramatically. But covering over the roots of religion and brain-washing children into those dreams from several millennia ago is beyond comprehension. Isn't it on our interest to know the truth and to establish a relationship with the Universal Spirit, the real God.

Norma Holt was drawn to the research that went back to Babylon to unearth the roots of religion and identity of 666. She proves conclusively that heaven and hell are tricks designed to manipulate people into believing in his Islamic religion.

Religious Laws Oppose Natural Instincts

By Norma Holt 

Expert Author Norma Holt

The weirdest thing about religion is how much of it opposes natural instinct and sexual drive. The entrapment is designed to bring people into situations of control and power by the establishment. Making them feel guilty because they are outside of what their pastors claim is God's will, is abuse of human rights. Unfortunately, most fall victim to it and domination of their lives ensues.

With children the most vulnerable when those who claim to be celibate, such as Catholic priests, use them for sexual gratification the horror of what their deeds amount to is coming to the fore. The question is how long has the Church known about the practice and what is it doing about it?

This is not the only religious organization at fault as they have all sprung from the same well. The list of paedophiles identified by Australian victims through the course of a recent tribunal includes men from all denominations and different functions within them.

How can governments continue to support religions as worthwhile within our societies? Everyday brings more accusations and other things into the open. Scandals, criminals, and cover-up are now front and centre in most institutions who claim to speak for God.

While mainstream religions promote heaven and hell as eternal destinations they have no proof that such exist. In the Muslim faith young men are taught that by killing others they become martyrs and will have a great eternity in Paradise. My reincarnation proves that no such places exist and most people would possibly agree.

Governments play on the vulnerability of people to be controlled by religious domination. It teaches them to be compliant to the law and rule of law. While that maintains discipline in some societies it is beyond many to understand it, especially if they are from war-torn countries where crime and violence are all they know.

Until religions are banned and people educated into realistic scenarios the world will continue to decline. It is already pushed beyond recovery and yet those who maintain the prospect of a heavenly kingdom will do little to change their ways.

With pollution out of control and corruption overtaking governments and societies there is little chance of anyone in power seeking to change the status quo. Money has overridden common sense and the wealthy are now in control of the treasury in most cases. All that is left to do is to await the outcome of these times and see whether or not anyone survives.

Some religious die-hards are the first to oppose climate change and the most corrupt among us. They support the lies that hang over us and their only agenda is to make others believe what they accept. They seem completely unaware of how much their ideals oppose the natural forces and instincts.

Norma Holt was drawn to the research that went back to Babylon to unearth the roots of religion and identity of 666. She proves conclusively that heaven and hell are tricks designed to manipulate people into believing in his Islamic religion.


Religious Teachings and Traditions Behind Community Hate

By Norma Holt 

Countries globally are subjected to the hate bred into their subjects and impacting on societies. The irresponsible and inconceivable attitudes of governments towards tolerance of such is bringing the world to an end. This is the work of the Second Beast of Revelation 13 who has control on the World Order even though he died almost 2,000 years ago. How this has come about is a story of remarkable power.

The beast is Constantine, a Roman Caesar, who set out to be sole ruler of his empire and he used religion to do it. He established the Catholic Church in the year 325 and he set in place the laws that govern it and the economy that protects it.

Little was known of him before the vision that stood in the air before my eyes carried this message in large capital letters: CONSTANTINE IS 666. The world had sought to know the identity of this creature from the 5th century when the prophesy in Revelation came to light.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe, greatly opposed by the Catholic Church, gave me insight into the myths on which the religions are established. There is no heaven or hell and no angels, devils, or saints. So from where do the principles on which they stand come?

The Spirit is the only God and it is beyond description in size and power. It created the earth and then humans so that it could grow within them. While this sounds fanciful to those who are not spiritual one has only to follow the discussion to see how logical it is.

"I am God and beside me there is no one else... I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace and create evil... " Isaiah 45:5,7

There are many mysteries related to God that man has had to resolved. Until a couple of centuries ago the truth behind fertilization and passage of characteristics was unknown. Just over 500 years ago the earth was still considered to be flat, the sky was thought of as water, and the celestial bodies were a great mystery whereby the sun rotated around the earth.

Slowly, bit by bit, man has learned that nothing of the early principles of man's dreams stand in the light of knowledge. That goes also for spirituality. Some have a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe while others have no concept of it.

"Precept upon precept, here a little, there a little... line upon line." Isaiah 28:10

The Catholic Church banned reincarnation in the 5th century because of its opposition to heaven and hell. Likewise, it teaches that anything spiritual is from the devil and in such a manner they turned God into Satan. It also claims that everyone has a 'soul' (sol), which is the Greek term for sun.

With these dreams brain-washed into children from birth there is little hope of their ever ditching them as adults. That is why the most educated among us, such as politicians and scientists, still maintain its teachings as fact.

The darkness over the world and the evil within it was created by God and for a good reason. Within those who are connected to it there is a voice guiding their paths. If they listen to that voice they grow in their spirituality. If, on the other hand, they favor the things of the world and its darkness they lose it.

Over many lifetimes we have grown or grown apart from the Universal Spirit. Now we are at the end of the time of the beast when all things were promised to be made known, including his identity. What he did was not against God but for the purpose of expanding the power within us rather than the power in the world.

Religious teachings and the hate they induce from the traditions and dreams built a barrier of lies and deceit that only those with spiritual power can overcome. That is why many are experiencing miracles of healing and peace while others are being dissolved forever through the things coming upon the world in these, the last days.

Norma Holt was drawn to the research that went back to Babylon to unearth the roots of religion and identity of 666. She proves conclusively that heaven and hell are tricks designed to manipulate people into believing in his Islamic religion.

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