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Is God To Blame For The Death Of A Loved One?

By Scott Robert Stevens 

If you have ever experienced a tragedy, the death of a loved one, or anything bad you will likely have thought of this question. The question is common among people of all walks of life and people of all religions. This question is often asked to Christians by non-Christians, but sadly is often left unanswered. The question I am referring to here is why would a good and loving God allow bad things to happen to good people.

The answer to this question is threefold. We misunderstand three things that the bible teaches, and this leaves us unable to answer this question. The first misconception is about who God is, the second misconception is about what God's plan is and the third misconception is about what God's limitations are.

As we grow up, we are told many stories and ideas about who God is. It does not matter if you attend church or not, we are all provided with information about God. My goal in this article is to not define the entirety of who God is, rather I want to emphasize one thing about who God is. God is a creator. He desires to create, and to continue to create. The bible makes it very clear that God does not change. Due to this fact that God was a creator before, we can be sure that God is still a creator and will always be a creator. God loves to create, and wants to continue creating.

You may be wondering then, what is God's plan? Why is the Lord creating and why did God create us? God is a creator and he loves to create. God wants to create more creators like him. The entire bible focuses on us becoming like Jesus, and we know from John 1:1-9 that Jesus was the creator of all creation. This is God's plan, for us to become like him.

We are all taught that God is all-powerful, that he is all-knowing, and that his understanding is beyond ours. We take this and misunderstand a crucial facts about God. He does have limitation; He is not without boundaries. God has two main limitations. First God cannot contradict himself. When he promises something, he cannot go back on his promise. Second God cannot replicate himself. Let me clarify myself real quick, God cannot replicate himself without a process. These are the limitations of God.

Let's take a look at God's character for a second. God has free will. God is perfect without sin or fault. Because of God's free will, he chooses to be perfect without sin or fault. For God to replicate himself, his replication would need free will and would need to choose to be perfect without sin or fault. God is in the process of replicating himself, he gave us free will and it is now up to us to choose if we will be perfect or not. For biblical proof of this consider the fact that we are children of God.

For us to have free will, we must be able to make our own decisions. For us to have free will, God cannot interfere. This is not saying that he cannot work miracles, but God can only interfere with our lives in certain ways. If he breaks these rules of free will then we cannot be children of God.

Let’s revisit the original question, why does a good God let bad things happen to Good people? This is because God is a creator whom is in the process of creating a perfect being with free will. This is good news, do not be sad about this. You can be sad about the situation, but do not be sad about the Lord's action. God's actions are completely justified, and in the long run we will all come out better for it. When the final day comes, we will all rejoice. This is the gift of God.

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Some Basic Spiritual Concepts

By Kevin Adam 

Spirituality deals with things we believe in but mostly don't see and can't directly prove. Despite that, many people believe spiritual principles are real, and these principles are things that are common to most religions in the world. Here are some that I believe to be most important:

God and angels exist, and they're here to help us in our everyday lives.

No one can directly prove either God or angels exist. That means you have the choice of disbelieving or taking this one on faith. If you believe this is true, then that means we are not in this alone and we have help and some great resources working for us. Keep one thing in mind: if you ask for help, be completely open to how that help may turn up, and accept it when it comes.

Life has one primary purpose: to experience it.

Every single one of us shares a common purpose: we are all here to experience our unique life. Regardless of your point of view on other life in the universe, or reincarnation, each life, and the person living it, is entirely unique in this universe. While there will be many shared experiences, no one - that is, no one - at any time or in any place in the history of this universe has ever lived the exact same life as you, and no one will ever live the exact same life as you because your perspectives on your experience are different than anyone else's. Experiencing life is why we were created in the first place.

You are responsible for your actions.

What you do matters. The things you do and the things you choose affect you and other people. Therefore, anything you do that causes a problem or hurts someone, including yourself, has to be made right. And it's up to you to fix the situation.

You are responsible for your life and what's in it.

Your life is the sum of your choices and the actions you take, plus the choices others make that directly affect you. In every case, you are responsible for your choices and their consequences. Plus, you're responsible for how you act and react to things that happen around you. If you don't like things as they are in your life, make new decisions, take new actions, and make new choices that support those changes.

Accept the things that happen in your life with grace, and work on improving what you can.

Things are going to happen that you don't like. Your spiritual perspective can strongly affect how you react to difficult times. When you react calmly and with grace, you experience less stress and your mind stays clear. You're better able to assess your options and determine the best course of action. This is something we all want to have working for us.

Honesty and integrity are important.

Despite what some people seem to believe, honesty and integrity are still important in today's society - perhaps more important than ever before. It's much easier to have a peaceful heart and clear conscience if you are honest and live your life decently. These two values are essential to have a spiritual perspective.

It's best to not make judgments about others.

Simply put, making judgments limits your thinking and your perspective. And, to top it off, those judgments are often wrong. Since you won't ever know everything that motivates someone else's actions, you'll always be missing some information, and there's no way you can make an accurate assessment without some or all of the facts. Making judgments is a form of negative thinking, and negative thinking hurts your spiritual growth.

Recognize that others have their own point of view and respect that, even if you don't agree.

No two of us are exactly alike. None of us will agree about everything. The hardest part of this is believing you're right, you want to be proven right, and wanting others to embrace your point of view. It's important to remember that your point of view suits you fine, but it isn't necessarily right for everyone else. Similarly, someone else's point of view could be all wrong for you. So accept other people's perspectives as right for them and let it be.

Our daily life is our spiritual life. This means our normal "self" can live a spiritual life without having to live an ascetic, isolated life. Living a spiritual life doesn't require waiting for things to be "right." It doesn't happen "some day." Your spiritual life can start today, with things in your life exactly as they are. You only need to do one thing for this to happen, and that is to make the choice.

My name is Kevin Adam, and I'm a spiritual mentor. My primary purpose is to let people know about Creator Spirituality, and I've written some books to help get that message across. Some of these books are co-authored with Ronna Vezane (formerly Ronna Herman), an internationally-renown channel for Archangel Michael. The spiritual lessons in the messages Ronna channels are given to Archangel Michael from the Creator, and brought into a form we can understand by Ronna. Ronna and I have co-authored two important books. The first is Unified Creator Spirituality, and the second volume is Our Infinite Power. Both are available on Ronna's website, http://www.StarQuestMastery.com, at Amazon.com, or other online booksellers.


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