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Simple Tips For Home Staging

By Kanika Saxena  

Home staging is basically preparing a home in such a manner that it appeals to a maximum number of prospective buyers. It helps a seller in selling a home quickly. It also enables the seller to get a good price for his property. Therefore, it is an important aspect of sale which should not be taken lightly.

Tips for Home staging

1. De-clutter:

Most of us tend to keep on adding furniture and other items to our home over a period of time. More items in a home give it a cluttered appearance. De-cluttering improves the look of the house. A de-cluttered home gives a spacious appearance as well.

2. Grouping the furniture:

Sofas and chairs should be repositioned and other furniture pieces should be placed so that flow of traffic is not hindered. This helps in making the room user-friendly and give it a spacious look.

3. Lighting:

A well-lit home is warm and welcoming. So, ensure that your home has good lighting.

4. Make your home appear bigger:

In order to do this, some useful tips are, paint adjacent rooms in identical colors; if the dining room and kitchen are small, a seamless look will give it a spacious appearance. The illusion of large space can also be created by having drapes in the same color as the room. This also gives an elegant and sophisticated look.

5. Neutral colors are more popular:

Painting a living room in neutral hues helps in enhancing the appeal of the house.

6. Using dark color paints effectively:

Dark paints in bedrooms/ powder rooms or dining room give it a more cozy and intimate aura.

7. Present your art creatively:

Forget the cliché styles of displaying your art. Use your creativity to effectively display your curios and wall hangings. This will also go a long way in increasing the appeal of your home.

8. Add fresh foliage:

Decorating your home with fresh blooms and foliage adds to its appearance. You don't have to pick the most expensive flowers or plants. Just fresh seasonal plants will do the trick. They add freshness to your home.

9.The bedroom should look serene:

For decorating, the bedroom luxurious linens and soft colors will help. These are known to have a positive effect in the minds of the buyer.

10. Improve the look of your bathrooms:

A simple step like polishing the tiles and replacing damaged fittings will suffice.

Though the list is not exhaustive, following these tips will definitely help you in presenting your home in such a condition that it is hard to resist. A well staged home fetches a better price for its owner.

Home staging is an important step while selling a home.


Can You Buy Your Foreclosed Home Back?

By Desare A Kohn-Laski 

Foreclosed homes are among the bestsellers in the property industry. Many times, foreclosures happen because of unavoidable financial circumstances. The financial distraught puts a homeowner to become unable in mortgage repayments. What if this situation happens to you? What if you really want the house? Can you have it back?

In most states, homeowners are allowed to buy back their foreclosed homes. Putting it in the right terminology, it is referred to as the right to redemption. Yet, buying foreclosed homes back is only allowed within a certain period.

The right to redeem a foreclosed home typically involves heavy costs too. The full foreclosure price plus other costs are needed to be reimbursed to the person who bought the property when it was foreclosed.

In Florida, foreclosures are judicial. This means that lenders file lawsuits in court to have your house foreclosed. The court clerk files a certificate of sale after the foreclosure.

If you want to redeem your house, you can do your buy-back action any time before the court clerk files the certificate. You also have the opportunity to redeem the house within the stipulated time as stated in the foreclosure judgment.

You must remember that the foreclosure judgment issued by the court will be sent through registered mail. But bear in mind too that the last day to redeem usually ends on the day that the court clerk files the certificate of sale.

After this period, you can't have hold of any right to buy back your foreclosed property. In the state of Florida, foreclosure process usually takes place within a year to complete. Thus, if you're from this state, you can think of a good plan of action since you have longer time to think.

Alternative Options

Aside from the right to redemption, you also have alternative options to keep ownership of your house. You can go through mortgage modifications or forbearance agreement.

Earning for Redemption Costs

Your house may have been put into foreclosure because of your financial distress. But this should not totally stress you and leave you incapable of earning for your home's redemption price.

If you still have your job, try of completing each cut-off so you'll receive the period's complete amount. You can use this amount to repay other credits and little by little arrange your financial capability.

You should also try to have other modes of income. If you're good at something, why not make it a sideline. You can have weekend tutorials or part-time jobs. You can also try online working platforms.

If you have passion for cooking, try selling what you cook. You can also hold garage sale of your used clothing, stuff, and other things which are still in good conditions.

Going through a foreclosure is a difficult situation for a homeowner. It is hard-earned money that is used to hold its ownership. But being in this situation should not stop you from holding on to your dream house. If you really want to retain its ownership, work for it.

You can always consult your real estate agent about situations on foreclosures.

Desare Kohn-Laski is a proud realtor and experienced Military Relocation Professional in Florida. She is a real estate broker who is knowledgeable and familiar of the South Florida real estate market. Her areas of services include Broward County, Palm Beach County & Miami-Dade County. Stop the chase for your dream house with her professional and expert assistance. For more information,
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Give Your Home A Facelift Fast

By Josh Berner 

Hiring someone to take care of painting services can give your home a facelift fast. It can be time-consuming for you to do it on your own. In addition to what you already take on, now you have to carve out time to prepare and complete the painting. You also have to buy a variety of materials to get the job done right.

Hiring someone to take care of painting services means the work can be done while you continue with what you need to do. They can get the work done in a matter of days for you. Some of them work alone and others have a crew of several people to do the work. The amount of time will depend on the prep to be done, the size of your home, and other factors.


It is a good idea to get some estimates on the services they can offer. This will help you to compare the overall price for the project. Make sure you ask about primer and how many coats of paint they will apply. You also need to find out if they will use brushes to paint or a sprayer. It can influence the time as well as the finished look of your home.

Type of Paint and Color

Some painting services will buy the paint for you and pass along savings they get for getting the products in bulk. Others will expect you to get the paint and have it ready for them. The estimate they offer you can tell you how much of the product you will need. Make sure the paint used is high quality and has a warranty behind it.

You have the freedom to pick the color you want for the painting services, but keep in mind it can be tough to go from a darker color to a lighter one. It can take several more coats to successfully cover it up. It may need an extra coat of primer which increases the cost due to the time and the materials. Check out color samples to help you decide what you want.


The surface has to be ready and the old paint scrapped away in order for the job to be done correctly. The amount of time it will take for painting services to get this done varies. It depends on the type of materials to paint any damages that are in place. Shutters have to be removed so they can be painted separately. Windows need to be covered to prevent over spray on them.

Scrapping away the older paint to leave a smooth surface takes the majority of the time. This must be done or the new paint is going to crack soon after it is applied. Then the work will be a waste of time and money. Your home will look terrible!


Once this is done, the painting services of actually applying the paint to your home can be conducted. If the paint doesn't have primer in it, that will be done first. The primer offers a sealant and it also helps the paint to stick to the surface. There should be at least one primer coat and at least two paint coats.


The trim work will be done last, around the windows and the frame of the home. The shutters will be painted and once dry, attached to the house again. The trim should help to accent the home so choose wisely. You can always go with a darker shade of the color you are painting the home if you don't want to go with plain white.

We can take care of any of your interior or exterior painting needs. We have the expertise, the right equipment, and the ability to customize a plan of action to fit your needs and your budget. We realize painting is very visual and we take pride in making sure it looks amazing when we are done with it. We only use high quality paint and the best methods to ensure what we do for you is going to last. Check us out at http://www.colossuspainting.com to learn more about our services or to schedule a time to obtain a free estimate.



-- How to find the best and the safest available low income housing options --

When the U.S. economy first entered a recession, millions of families were forced to take advantage of low income housing programs. And, according to federal statistics, those numbers continue to increase every month.

Low income housing properties are defined as apartments or houses that are a part of some kind of affordable housing initiative, usually sponsored by the federal government, the state, the city, or a non-profit organization. Such properties offer either an income-based rental rate or a flat rental rate designed to be affordable for needy individuals and families.

While there are many helpful programs available, finding the best and safest options can be a task. In addition, it can be difficult to find the best options available to families who qualify to remain in the home that they are already occupying.

Here are the top five resources to use:

1) HUD Office of Affordable Housing (OAP)

This government agency brings federal resources directly to the state and local level for use in the development of affordable housing units, or to assist income-eligible households in purchasing, rehabilitating, or renting safe and decent housing. Learn more

2) Making Home Affordable ® Program (MHA)

This program, sponsored by the Obama Administration, is a comprehensive plan to stabilize the U.S. housing market by helping homeowners get mortgage relief and avoid foreclosure. Learn more

3) PublicHousing.com

This web site provides a listing of public housing properties across the country, and other types of housing deals. The vast majority of their listings are affordable housing bargains. Learn more

4) Affordable Housing Institute

This non-profit organization provides housing finance expertise and thought leadership to other organizations working to make housing accessible to low-income people. Learn more

5) Low Income Housing Authority

This organization produces a free online national resource that is dedicated to helping individuals and families find low income housing, apartments, shelters, and more. The web site also provides answers to frequently asked questions. Learn more

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