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Emotionally Unavailable Fathers: What Can Happen If A Man Had An Emotionally Unavailable Father?


While there are some men who grew up with a father, there are others that grew up without one. However, just because some men had their father around, it doesn't mean that he was actually available.

In this case, a man's early years may have been a time when his father was generally around but that would have been about as far as it went. As a result of this, it would have been just about impossible for him to get close to him.

An Analogy

In the same way that a rainbow can be seen but it is not possible to get close to one; his father would have been seen but he would have typically been unreachable. Still, while his father would have been distant, it doesn't mean that he realised this when he was younger.

In fact, even though he is an adult, he still might not realise that this father was emotionally unavailable. As a child, he would have had no way of knowing that this father wasn't available and would have most likely believed that there was something wrong with him, not his father.

Two Parts

Through having a father like this, then, there would have been what he went through as a child and there will be what he is going through now that he is an adult. His early years would have been a time when he just had to adapt to what was going on and his adult years could be a time when he is doing the best that he can to keep it together.

As a child, he wouldn't have had much control over his life, yet now that he is an adult, this won't be the case. Nonetheless, he might not feel as though he has much control over his life now that he is an adult.

Back In Time

During his early years, his father may have spent a lot of time working or focusing on certain things when he was at home. And even if he wasn't doing these things, it could have been as though he was somewhere else entirely.

When it came to his mother, she may have been a lot more involved, or perhaps she was just as absent. What is clear is that his father wouldn't have been a good role model or provided much guidance.

A Deep Wound

The reason that he would have most likely come to believe that there was something wrong with him as opposed to his father is that at this stage of his life, he would have been egocentric. This would have stopped him from being able to understand that there was nothing wrong with him.

Once this belief was in place, it would have been hard for him to feel good about himself and to feel comfortable in his own skin. This may have caused him to become shy and quiet, or he may have gone the other way and become loud and even obnoxious.

Another Part

And as his father would have provided him with very little, if any, guidance, he may have felt completely lost at this stage of his life. It may have been as if he was expected to make or build something, without being given any information on how to do it.

Once again, he would have most likely believed that there was something wrong with him for not knowing how to behave or what to do. When in reality, he wasn't given the guidance that he needed, so there was no reason for him to know.

Basic Skills

This can mean that he didn't learn the importance of self-discipline, self-control, delaying gratification, taking action and working hard. Furthermore, by not being encouraged by his father, it may have stopped him from developing courage.

He probably wouldn't have been able to learn how to relate to a woman from his father, either. His father may have been walked over by his mother, too, setting him up to believe that men are weak and spineless.

In The Same Boat

To deal with the pain that he experienced during this time of his life, he may have ended up emotionally shutting down himself. Like his father, he would have ended up leaving his body and being somewhere else.

The years would have passed but what took place when he was a child would have stayed with him. When it comes to what he is still carrying from the past, there will be what he believes, the emotional wounds, and the trauma that is held in his body.

Moving Forward

The truth is that how he was treated at the beginning of his life had nothing to do with his value as a human being and everything to do with what was going on for his father. This means that he is not worthless, weak, useless, or incapable.

With the drive to heal and to get the guidance that he needs to transform himself, there is no reason why he can't give himself what his father was unable to give him. Perhaps his father was also brought up by an emotionally unavailable father and, thereby, unconsciously passed on what was done to him.


If a man can relate to this, and he is ready to change his life, he may need to reach out for external support. With the assistance of a therapist or a healer, he can start to question what he believes, heal his emotional wounds and resolve the trauma that is held inside him.

As for developing his masculine nature and the abilities that are associated with it, there are plenty of books out that that shed light on how to do this. Ultimately, it all starts with him taking the first step and not giving up, no matter what happens.

Teacher, prolific writer, author, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, three hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.

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Being Healthy: Easier Said Than Done!

By Matthew Bellinger

There are five main things you need to do to be at your best health. The first one is to Eat Right. Number two is to Exercise. Three is to get proper Rest or Sleep. Number four is to Manage Stress. Number five is that you need to get your Spine Checked.

Number one is to eat right. It means to try to eat as healthy as much as you can. It also means to avoid bad food and drink and skip sugars and sweets. This also includes drinking more liquid or drinking more water. Your body is 60% water (H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158); we need to be drinking about 8 cups a day.

You need to make sure to get your nutrients so your body can function like it's supposed to. You want to eat good and drink a good amount of water because the body needs the elements from these to do the tasks it must.

We also must exercise. Movement is very important for the body. "Motion is life" is often said. Exercise doesn't actually mean going to the gym every day, but just getting off the couch for some. If you can't make it to a gym, walk laps in your house or step outside and go for a stroll.

Third is sleep or rest. Your body has a lot of functions when you're at rest. It performs much healing when you are sleeping. Poor sleep habits can stress your body. I like to use my <a href="">traction pillow</a> when I sleep because not only will it help me sleep but also put my spine in alignment.

We also have to manage stress. High stress levels cause problems for the body. Whether it's more mental or physical, it can hinder the body processes.

Last, get your spine checked. Our spine holds our nervous system think about us bringing score spinal cord to the central nervous system It is so important it's encased in bone.

In addition, try not to put yourself in harms way; don't do activities where there is a good chance you can get hurt or you could injure your spine. And get adjusted; it takes just minutes but adds days to your life.

Do all these things to be 100% healthy. A good contoured pillow is a step in the right direction. With the Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow you align your spine while getting a good night's sleep.

Dr Matt Bellinger is a Chiropractor. He has written many articles on how to easily and naturally relieve pain, and has helped hundreds of patients in his clinic end their neck and back pain. He recommends specific pain relief and posture improving products at



How Does Exercise Effect Insulin Resistance?

By Julie Wilcoxson 

In other words your signals are broken. Your body doesn't receive the message to let sugar in so your body releases more and more insulin because the blood glucose remains high. So what does this all mean when it comes to training?

It is easier than you think to create big issues with your hormones by doing the wrong types of exercises. As women, trying to lose weight we seem to opt for the long bouts of cardio. Trust me, I get it. For years I listened to the "experts" on the internet and people who didn't understand hormonal disorders. I performed workouts that included light to medium weights, full body workouts with no rest periods, instead I jumped around doing plyometrics to "burn fat". I did high intensity metabolic workouts on the days in between, I went low, low carb and higher fat. All I got was inflamed, tired, angry, and no weight loss.

You can absolutely overdo it with the long cardio sessions like running, which can trigger the stress hormone (cortisol) which is what I was experiencing. You have to think about how your body handles stress and if you have any hormonal issues going on then stress is something you want to reduce to decrease the rise in cortisol. Your body doesn't know the difference between good and bad stress, therefore, exercise can be foreseen as stress. All your body feels is a pounding heart rate, heavy breathing, and anxiety so we have to change what the body is experiencing and turn it into a less anxious event.

This is where walking comes in for a majority of your cardio sessions. I used to think it was the most boring thing I can do until I started really paying attention to getting in a minimum of 10,000 steps a day and saw an immediate difference in my inflammation. It became a game of making sure I hit my steps each day. I used it as a chance to slow down from my normal busy, fast paced schedule, get out in the fresh air, clear my mind, and I really started enjoying these moments.

Walking is a hormone stabilizer and a movement our bodies were meant to do every day.

Weight Training:

Your muscles are the storing house for excess glucose and by increasing your lean muscle mass you help to resolve your insulin issues which results in a healthy body composition. Which translates to a leaner and tighter body- which is the goal here.

But how do you gain more lean body mass? This is where training with weights comes in but I'm not talking about the barbie bells, ladies. Don't be afraid of lifting heavy weights. In order to increase the amount of muscle your body has, then you need to challenge the muscle with weights and the only way to do this is to lift the big weights.

I'm not saying go walk up to the dumbbell rack and grab the biggest weights on the rack; you need to lift what is heavy to you right now. BUT... keep in mind this should be changing each workout. Challenge yourself each workout with pushing one more rep or lifting a little heavier. Your body will respond and you will start seeing some beautiful changes. You must keep in mind that we are trying to keep our bodies calm which means you need to pay attention to your rest periods in between your workout sets as well.

Remember earlier when I mentioned I wouldn't sit still between my sets, instead I would perform plyometric exercises.

Well this is where you need to take 1-2 minutes to rest the muscles. I know it seems boring, it took me a little bit to get used to it, however it serves two purposes. First, you allow the muscles to recover so you can lift heavy at the next set. Secondly, you keep your body calm so it doesn't sense stress and start producing more cortisol.

If you start following the tips I included here whether you have PCOS, Diabetes, Hashimoto's disease, or Menopause - you will start seeing the changes in your body that you are after.

If you need help with a workout program contact me. I provide private one on one training in home and in our private studio as well as online training programs that include demonstration videos of all the exercises. Our programs are customized to your goals and the fitness level that you are at.

Julie Wilcoxson is a personal trainer, business owner, author, blogger, wife, and mother. She has managed her PCOS and Endometriosis symptoms for the past decade by living a healthy lifestyle. Her passion is to help women facing hormonal disorders overcome their fear of the mirror by adapting a healthier way of living without following crazy diets.

You can visit her website at or contact her at

She offers private training in home and in our private fitness studio and online customized training programs.

Home for the Holidays: Masturbation Tips

By John Dugan

The end-of-year holidays are rolling around, and for many people that means traveling to see relatives - and often staying overnight (or several nights) with parents, siblings, or others. It can be a wonderful time to catch up on things and to see loved ones one hasn't seen in a long time. But for some it can also be a time with perhaps a bit of familial tension or a situation in which it's difficult to find some time to just be alone for a while. This doesn't usually have too big of an impact on penis care issues for a guy - except perhaps in the area of masturbation, which can become an issue, especially for men who masturbate frequently.

Even for guys who hardly ever masturbate, the tension that some people find when in a family situation may make them wish they could relieve some stress - and masturbation is one of the easiest ways to get some stress relief. So for men who need some masturbation time during the holidays, the following should be considered:

- Check locks. Unless a guy doesn't care if Aunt Petunia walks in on him while he's fondling his penis, he needs to check the lock on any room (bathroom, bedroom, den, etc.) in which he plans to seek masturbatory relief. Even if it's the bedroom he grew up in and in which he masturbated daily all through adolescence, it pays to check.

- BYOL. It's best to bring your own lubricant, rather than assume you'll be able to sneak some petroleum jelly or hand lotion from someone else. First, it saves one the embarrassment of being caught borrowing the lube. Second, many men have their own favorite lubricants anyway, so why settle for second best?

- Be hygienic. Even if staying in the same bedroom from his adolescence, where it was not unusual for a guy to fall asleep naked immediately after ejaculating, a guy needs to clean up after himself. If he tends to be a "long distance" shooter, ejaculating all over not just himself but nearby bedclothes, he should place a towel (ideally one he has brought from home for this purpose) underneath to keep semen from getting on sheets. He should also wipe all the semen off of himself (especially if he plans to sleep naked). If a towel isn't available, be sure to have Kleenex or paper towels around for a thorough cleanup. That includes disposing of the Kleenex or paper towels as well so that one's host doesn't have to. Also, be sure to wipe lube off of the penis and hands after finishing.

- Watch the noise. If a guy lives alone, he may have gotten used to letting himself go during a masturbation session - which is great. Moans, cries, expletive-filled oaths, noisy bedsprings - all of these are great when alone. But when visiting, pull things back. Keep the noise down a bit to avoid making others uncomfortable - or making oneself the subject of endless jokes by one's brother.

- Take advantage of the surroundings. If revisiting his old home, it may be that some of the memories that are dug up may be of the more erotic variety. If so, use these during those masturbation sessions; it may add some new spice to the routine and awaken other memories for future use.

Whether enjoying masturbation while home for the holidays or when back at his own home, a man needs to regularly apply a superior penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Topical application of vitamins can help them deliver their benefits more directly to the penis, so find an oil with vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E. In addition, find an oil with L-arginine, which is helpful in boosting nitric oxide production, thus aiding penile blood vessels to expand as needed.

Visit for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.




Electra Davis, founder and CEO of Mysteek Naturals

Research shows that the global hair color market is expected to reach over $326 million by 2025; and Electra Davis from Alabama is already disrupting the industry as the first African American entrepreneur to sell her chemical-free temporary hair color products on Amazon, the busiest marketplace in the world.

In 2017, Electra launched Mysteek Naturals, a unique and custom temporary hair color that offers women an alternative option from the harsh chemicals of traditional hair color. "Women shouldn’t have to damage their hair just to get the colors that they want to wear," said Electra. "I created “Mysteek Naturals” to accommodate women who do not want use harsh chemicals and dye to achieve their desired looks."

Mysteek Naturals has since grossed over $100K in revenue since its inception and is expected to triple that growth. Recently, Electra was presented with the amazing opportunity to sell her products on Amazon which reaches over 200 million global shoppers daily just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year.

"I chose to sell on Amazon because I needed the world to know there is now an alternative to using harsh chemicals to obtain the color they desired and if their hair is already chemically treated with a color that they had the option to switch up the color and then return to their original color within minutes without striping the color to obtain another color," said Electra.

Electra, a mother of two, is believed to be one of the first women to have created a chemical free hair color product. She started her company because, like so many other women, she was looking for an alternative to the rinses without the harmful chemicals and process of using a developer to bleach her hair to get that vibrant color she so badly desired.

Hair coloring is extremely popular and various shades of hair colors are offered by almost every leading cosmetic brand around the world. About 75% of women in the US color their hair to enhance their looks.

Electra says her mission is to assist her customers in remaining health conscience while maintaining a personal relationship with them to obtain their feedback to continually improve her hair product and evolve Mysteek Naturals over time.

For more information about Mysteek Naturals, visit or purchase on Amazon

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