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Fashion And Jewelry Takes New Turns And Transformations

By Karen K Williams 

Hop into the roller coaster of fashion and jewelry design. The year 2017 is giving importance to the accessory trends that is causing adrenaline rush and igniting the desire for jewelry in silver and gold alike.

People having updates on the fashion pulse are aware that fluctuations do take place. This year, the fashion of the eighties and nineties are coming back. The beauty is that it is coming in a more grandiose manner touching the fashion section in all possible ways. It is time to consider wearing leather jackets, berry lips, slip dresses, pants with high waist and ultra feminine necklaces.

2017 is to carry the accessory trends and it is sure to leave your eyes wide open as the new accessorizing options are going to be new and charming. There will be killer shoes and statement handbags, besides the other accessory options that have entered the fashion coaster including silver jewelry pieces, gloves, warm scarves to belts and hosiery.

The choker trend started in 2014 and the trend is really happening. It is also expected to go a long way. Earlier it was a black pendant choker on the neck and now the jewelry trends may be choker necklaces which mean it will be lengthy. There will be chunky necklaces in glassy metals and also feathered and fragile ones giving wearers the allowance of choice. You will find the neck necklaces with protruding gemstones studded and one would not find an end to their dilemma.

The trend of jewelry design will continue with pendants which will pursue with religious pendants and also with contemporary statements. The trends of 2017 jewelry have developed into eye-catching pendants that are away from the tiny tender jewelry pieces. The garden variety pendant styles are happening. The metallic pendants with a twist and pendants of different shapes pendants continue having a steady market in both metals, silver and gold jewelry.

Today, earrings come in many styles and are successful with elegant and casual styles. The statement is that the nineties pop-punk ear candies are back, but are not the 2017 jewelry trends. The accessory trends will include adventuresome and revitalizing sides of women. There will be the buckles, English safety pins and also the heavy chains forming accessory trend.

The 2017 jewelry fashion relates to glam up and layers over layers which are a popular choice. The multi-layers in jewelry, especially silver jewelry has made its way into fashion and is worn even over a plain-looking dress. They come as lightweight jewelry and suit different styles and materials.

The multilayered necklaces forthcoming are mainly metallic featuring two to four tiers such that it will cascade down and is full of knickknacks charms showing off disheveled chain layers that will be dropping down from chokers. For multilayered exquisite necklaces, choose the pearly intricate ones. The biggest jewelry trends are popping up and unexpectedly there is a pop of colors on the runways. The bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings are also begetting.

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Walker's Legacy and GLOSSRAGS Clothing Launch the #BEENBOSS Historical Tee

The global collective for women in business partner with the And Counting Collection designer to honor multicultural women entrepreneurs of past and present day

 Walker's Legacy, a professional collective for multicultural women in business and entrepreneurship, and GLOSSRAGS, the brand behind the And Counting Collection and other wearable activism designs, have co-designed a historical tee highlighting women of color entrepreneurs. The #BEENBOSS Tee includes multicultural enterprising women from the past and present day.

The #BEENBOSS t-shirt is available in the Walker's Legacy online shop and features Madam C.J. Walker, Nely Galán, Tyra Banks, Mary Ellen Pleasant, Maggie Walker, Oprah Winfrey, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Cathy Hughes, Maria Contreras-Sweet, Sheila Johnson, and Nina Vaca.

With the #BEENBOSS tee, Walker's Legacy honors these pioneers in entrepreneurship who have contributed greatly to what is now the fastest growing segment of business owners - women of color. The #BEENBOSS Women Behind the Design Toolkit is available for download to help conduct important dialogue about women of color in business and entrepreneurship.

"GLOSSRAGS undoubtedly exists because of the sacrifices, diligence, and innovation of women of color who've come before me. Their struggles and successes have opened doors for me to thrive as an entrepreneur," said Randi Gloss, Founder of GLOSSRAGS. "It's exciting to work with Walker's Legacy to pay homage to such a dynamic group of women and what continues to be a growing legacy of women in business."

"We're excited to be working with Randi and her inspirational clothing line to further our mission of engaging women of color in business and entrepreneurship," said Natalie M. Cofield, Founder, and CEO of Walker's Legacy. "The #BEENBOSS design commemorates the achievements of women of color and supports the entrepreneurial spirit that drives both Walker's Legacy and GLOSSRAGS."

To further celebrate the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs, Walker's Legacy inspires and equips women of color with their signature programs, educational content, and engaging initiatives. Find the full list of women highlighted and learn more about the #BEENBOSS Tee at

A Color Forecast For Spring 2017

By Katie Louise Whitbread 

Forget the monochrome look, forget restraint. One of the strong trends that we can look forward to in spring 2017 is vibrant color. Think wacky, age of Aquarius style psychedelia. Many of the looks that will come to the fore in spring of next year are going to be a riot of color. This is great for those of us who love vibrant shades and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, though perhaps not so good for shrinking violets or those with a more muted aesthetic.

Tie dye is back and there is something of a resurgence of the hippie fashion aesthetic. For Resort, designers showed a range of tie-dye clothing. Both inner and outerwear items were shown and there was plenty of color on display, much of it in bold, rich tones that are all about the character and the playful wackiness.

Spring summer 2017 could be the time to revisit the Summer of Love. But this psychedelia has a sort of contemporary edge, with bold shapes, geometric designs and a strong line in global multiculturalism that reflects our more connected modern age. The way to wear this multi-colored extravaganza is definitely to give it some gusto, but also a bit of an edge. Think whimsy but with a slightly harder urban slant.

The key to looking up to date and not like you have been lost and wandering on the hippie trail since the 60s is to choose pieces with a more modern shape when going for rainbow colored clothes. Mismatched patterns and quirky combos will edge this look into another spring summer 2017 look - the chic geek. The idea is that pretty much anything goes and you should let your freak flag fly, showing your own unusual and unique personality through the way you dress.

This color extravaganza borrows not only from the pschedelia of the 1960s but also from the colorful aesthetic of Tibet, its woven fabrics, strong patterns and bright colors, all with a slightly spiritual bent. There is also a large dose of inspiration taken from Cuba, a nation opening to the US for the first time in over fifty years and one with a strong culture and tropical aesthetic.

Color inspiration is also taken from the northern Californian coast, rich mid-tone blues and beachy hues mingle in with brighter tropical colors. No matter where you look, the spring summer 2017 trends are all about color. Developing a really good color sense and knowing which colors will suit you is the key to looking good and finding your own perfect look for the coming seasons.

FASHION EVENTS 2017 Traces the Roots of Leading Black Fashion Influencers

Artisans behind Cast of Empire (Season 1), the Late Great Prince and Curated Global Goods Showcase their African Countries of Origin through Today’s Fashion Trends

Black PR Wire

Ever wonder why you navigate towards certain colors, shapes or textures? Do you have a flair for unique, unexpected fashion pairings? Well, guess what? It might just be in your DNA.

African Ancestry, Inc. (, the pioneers of genetics ancestry tracing for people of African descent, debuts a first-of-its kind fashion ‘Lookbook’ to celebrate African influences in today’s fashion mix, while highlighting the wardrobe forces behind blockbuster films, TV shows, A-list celebrities and the best place on earth to get cultural goods. Check it out here:


•             Check out stylist to the stars Germaine Hill and hear about how this Fashion Fixer loves working with male models and misses designing Prince! Germaine’s African roots traced to the Mende people of Sierra Leone and the Fula people of Guinea-Bissau

•             Hollywood Costume Designer Rita McGhee shares the fashion load with her sisters and dishes on styling Empire’s Cookie. Rita’s roots traced to the Mende people of Sierra Leone.

•             Nubian Hueman owner and curator Anika Hobbs brings trendy, world products to the streets of America. Anika’s roots traced to the Masa People of Cameroon.

Housed in’s new E-zine titled INFLUENCE, this special issue kicks off on the heels of Spring Fashion

Week, adding a unique dimension to the dialogue. Visitors will learn more about each influencer, see their African inspirations at work and get exclusive video interviews with Co-founder Gina Paige. INFLUENCE is created to help inspirational African Americans across culture, business, faith and education discover their African roots and showcase the impact in their work.

Readers can share their personal styles on African Ancestry’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at #RootsofStyle.  For more information on African Ancestry visit Media can contact Nichole Taylor at


Founded in 2003, African Ancestry Inc. pioneered African lineage matching in the utilizing its proprietary DNA-database to more accurately assess present-day countries of origin for people of African descent. African Ancestry’s products include the MatriClan™ and PatriClan™ ancestry tests, myDNAmix Admixture tests; and customized memorabilia and informative resources. African Ancestry is African-American-owned and headquartered in Washington, DC.

2017 Resort Wear Trends

By Christina Hanna  

A style of clothing for affluent women who jet set to warm-weather climates post-Christmas, resort wear is in itself a fashion season. Spectacular destinations of the wealthy host champagne sipping water-side activities that requires donning the best of the best. Because if you're someone, you're wearing someone.

So what kind of apparel and swimwear is in store for 2017 resort wear?

The Lingerie Look

Sexy black lace swimwear, cover ups and resort apparel are said to rule the resort wear runway for 2017 collections. Think honeymoon meets yacht party, bring the bedroom to the beach. Opposite of the daringly sexy black lace look, you may see some white crochet swimsuits and cover ups as well. The trend is sexy peek-a-boo of skin for a demure feminine and more playful look.

Festival Inspired

Festival wear, whether you love it or not, is not going anywhere. With Coachella, Stage Coach and new music festivals popping up all over the world, fashion is looking to cloth the celebrities who love festival music. The resort festival look is elevated with decorative fringe, Grecian goddess inspired straps, pretty palm tree prints, amethyst-colored tie dye that would make you reminiscence of that staple Farrah Fawcett hair, and rich feather prints for a Native American princess look. Festival swimwear pieces will look gorgeous at the pool, and even more so at the next music festival. Never grunge though. Only festival glam is acceptable.


Eye-catching, attention grabbing, glitz and glam. Resort wear and swimwear trends for 2017 are all about the embellishments. Think large jewel details and golden hardware that sparkle in the sun. Solid print bikinis need unique and stunning embellishments such as these to set them apart. The affluent never lead boring lives and their clothing reflect just that point. These luxury swimwear and apparel pieces are evocative of the finer things in life and meant to be pedigree proof.

Getting Cheeky

Ladies and gentlemen, the cheeky bottom has arrived. The new swimsuit bottom trend will be a hybrid of the traditional bikini bottom and a thong-like look. Potentially scandalous in previous decades, this new bathing suit bottom is a new standard of bikini wear in an era of equal pay and titles. Fashion takes its cues from worldly headlines and happenings, and this trend is no different. The cheeky bikini bottom provides just enough coverage while simultaneously adding that alluring sex appeal to bring out the highest degree of confidence from every woman.

If you would like to shop 2017 luxury resort wear and swimwear, check out this page:

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