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Glamorize With Fashion Jewelry

By Kanika Saxena 

The fashion scene has changed drastically over the years. The modern times have no place for the real and expensive jewelry items. Women are more inclined towards trendy fashion jewelry items that complement their dressing style.

Fashion jewelry could be a replication of high-end jewelry. It is created using plated metals, glass, semi-precious stones, etc. Alternatively, it could be more casual, created using plastics or lightweight metals, etc.

Fashion jewelry is created bearing the latest fashion trends in mind. It enhances the looks of the wearer. It is an essential part of the individual's attire.

Some common items of fashion jewelry are:

1. Necklace Sets:

These comprise a necklace with a matching pair of earrings and sometimes a bracelet. You can choose necklace sets that are chunky or delicate depending on the occasion

2. Necklaces:

You also have the option of wearing just a fashion necklace that suits your style. You can opt for a heavy chunky necklace that imparts a funky look. Alternatively, you can choose a sleek design for an elegant appearance.

3. Earrings:

Earrings beautify the appearance of an individual. Fashion earrings are available in various colors and designs to match the attire.

4. Rings:

Finger rings are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs to enable the individual to highlight their fingers. You can select rings made out of specific stones or just make a fashion statement with a stylish ring.

5. Bracelets:

Bracelets are a very popular jewelry item. They can be metallic, made of plastic or rubber. You can match your bracelet with your attire.

6. Brooches:

Brooches maybe stone-studded or sober. They add style to your garment.

Benefits of using fashion jewelry:

1. It is inexpensive.

2. It is available in a myriad of colors and designs. Hence, you have a wide variety to choose from.

3. Since it is inexpensive, you can invest in a large number of jewelry items to match with individual dresses.

4. Fashion jewelry helps you make a style statement.

5. It is trendy.

6. You have options of traditional designs as well as funky ones to choose from.

7. It can accentuate the simplest of dresses and add a touch of class when chosen appropriately.

8. It is suitable for daily wear as well as occasions.

9. You can keep buying fresh pieces to keep up with the fashion trends.

Now that you know about fashion jewelry, how about indulging in a shopping spree to buy affordable trinkets, necklaces, rings, etc.? You can now dazzle without feeling the pinch in your pocket!

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Hide Those Extra Pounds - The Ultimate List Of Plus Size Dressing Tips

By Hampry Gomes

Fashion is not about trends, glamour and all those flashy things. It is all about how you interpret your own style statement. Fashion can mean different things to different people, but if you are on the heavy side, you might have fewer choices. Let's agree on one thing - the fashion industry has been partial to petite women. They undeniably have the best brands, options, and trends to their benefit.

Thankfully, things have changed considerably in the last few years. These days, we have brands that focus on plus size fashion clothing for women. However, if you are looking to style better, we have a few tips below to help you, and yes, these are just suggestions. Ultimately, you are your best stylist on a budget.

Do Not Wear Tight Clothes:

Yes, most plus size women end up buying sizes that are either too large or small for them. Wearing a clingy top won't add to your shape, and a loose fitting dress will not do any good either. Make sure that you wear the right size. Check online to find a few brands that focus on this segment and have a good range of options. Since the returns are easy with online sellers, you can always order two sizes to find the best fit.

Invest in Shapewear:

Shapewear is not meant to bring down your waist size. Instead, the right shapewear will help in toning your body, so that you can wear skirts and dresses without a second thought. Shapewear comes in different sizes and styles, and you can choose a full-body design, which will tone your belly, waist, back and thighs at the same time. Also, if required, spend on a better brand that uses breathable fabrics.

Shrugs and More Shrugs:

If you are unsure of how to pull off a tight top, a shrug or summer jacket is your best friend. Shrugs help in getting the layered look, which transfers the attention to the clothes, instead of your body. Instead of the boring black and blue, go for bright colors that can add some pop element to the entire look. Also, it's a good idea to choose summer blazers, which can be taken to work, as well.

Avoid Styling around the Problem Area:

If you are obese, you certainly have a problem area. This can be your midsection or the arms. Depending on your body, avoid wearing clothes that can emphasize those areas. For examples, for a protruding belly, you cannot wear a peplum top. Try to appreciate your highlights. Go for vertical designs, V-necklines, and stripes that will add more style to your regular looks.

Finally, don't forget to experiment. There are no hard and fast rules in fashion anymore. It is all about being comfortable, and for that, you need to try new things. Move out of your regular zone and try things you haven't tried. You will either win with a chic look or learn from simple fashion mistakes - In both cases, you win!

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Native American Indian Clothing and Regalia

Originally, there were many different traditional Native American clothing styles in North America. Nearly every tribe had its own distinctive style of dress, and the people could often tell each other's identities by looking at their tribal clothes, headdresses, and ornamentation.

In most tribes, Native American men wore breechclouts or breechcloths (a long rectangular piece of hide or cloth tucked over a belt, so that the flaps fell down in front and behind), sometimes with leather leggings attached in colder climates. Here's a page of breechcloth and legging pictures. In some tribes Indian clothing for men was a short kilt or fur trousers instead of a breechcloth. Most American Indian men did not use shirts, but Plains Indian warriors did wear special buckskin war shirts decorated with ermine tails, hair, and intricate quillwork and beadwork. Here are pictures of two traditional Sioux war shirts. Native American clothing for women usually consisted of skirts and leggings, though the length, design, and material of the skirts varied from tribe to tribe. In some cultures, Indian women's shirts were optional and were treated more like coats. In others, Native American women always wore tunics or mantles in public. And in some tribes women usually wore one-piece American Indian dresses instead, like this Cheyenne buckskin dress. Nearly all Native Americans had some form of moccasin (a sturdy leather shoe) or mukluk (heavier boot), with the styles of footwear differing from tribe to tribe (as you can see from these mocasin pictures). Most tribes used cloaks in colder weather, but some of the northern tribes wore Inuit-style fur parkas instead. Most variable of all were headgear and formal clothing, which were different in nearly every tribe. Here's a page illustrating traditional hairstyles from several different tribes.

After colonization, the clothes of Native Americans began to change. For one thing, as Indian tribes were driven from their ancient lands and forced into closer contact with each other, they began to borrow some of each other's tribal dress, so that fringed buckskin clothing, feather headdresses, and woven blankets became popular among Indians outside of the tribes in which they originated. For another, Indians began to adapt some articles of European costume to their own style, decorating cloth garments with characteristic Native American beadwork, embroidery, and designs. These clothes were not original to the Americas, but by the 1800's they were recognized by anyone viewing them as American Indian apparel. Such post-colonial native dress includes beaded jackets and shirts, ribbon shirts, Seminole patchwork skirts, satin shawls, woolen sweaters, broad ribbon applique, jingle dresses, and the Cherokee tear dress. Today, most Native Americans wear contemporary American and Canadian clothes in their daily life; however, unique American Indian clothing styles still exist. Some traditional American Indian garments, such as buckskins, ribbon dresses, and beaded moccasins, are still worn in many tribes, particularly to formal events. Others, such as breechcloth, leggings, headdress and dance shawl, are only worn at powwows and religious ceremonies. In general, American Indians use the word regalia for traditional clothes which are used for ceremonial occasions. Some native people find the phrase "Native American costume" offensive, due to long association with hurtful red-faced Halloween costumes.

If you are looking to buy native regalia or other clothes that were actually made by Native Americans--either because it's important to you to have the real thing or because you want to support native people with your purchase--then here is our list of American Indian clothing designers whose garments are for sale online. We have grouped them into Traditional Native American Clothing (both ordinary Indian clothes and ceremonial regalia), Contemporary Native American Clothing (modern clothes like tee-shirts made with native designs), and Native American Designer Clothes (contemporary Indian clothing styles designed as wearable art and priced accordingly). If you have a website of Native American clothes to add to this list, let us know. We gladly advertise any individual native artist or native-owned clothing store here free of charge, provided that all clothes were made by tribally recognized American Indian, Inuit, or First Nations artists.

Thank you for your interest in Native American clothing!

Since all of these traditional Native American clothes are handmade and many are custom-made, they don't usually have a large inventory of identical items. So if you love an artist's work but they don't seem to have the right size, color, or style currently for sale, I recommend you contact them. Many of these artists will make native clothes to your specifications, and others have a much larger selection of clothing in their store than they have featured for sale on their website.

This Otoe family specializes in making Oklahoma style pow wow regalia, but they also carry a wide variety of other traditional American Indian clothing and dance apparel--check out the Photo Album for more clothing styles.

JTW Designs Beadwork and Regalia
Traditional Indian dresses and beaded regalia by an award-winning Navajo artist. If the native dresses are our of your price range, check the beaded shirts and purses in the online store.(insert image)

Boucle Fabrics: Things You Should Know

By Shalini Madhav 

A French fashion designer known as Coco is behind the popularity of the classic boucle jacket. Decades have gone by but the look is in even today. In case you don't know, boucle is a material that is made with high quality boucle yarn. It is not a type of garment unlike most people think. Let's know more about it.

Loops and texture

The loops in boucle yarn are available in different sizes, such as tight circlets, loose curls and large curls, just to name a few. The amount of texture the material contains is based on the loop size. If the loops are bigger, there will be a lot of texture. Like other type so woven material, a host of colors can be used in order to create a huge variety of patterns and designs.


Boucle material is used in the making of a lot of things, such as jackets, sweaters, wardrobe items and other accessories. Nowadays, you can find boucle clothing in wool, easy-care blends and acrylics. For versatility, boucle jackets and sweaters can be made from lightweight stuff like acrylic. You need to keep in mind that boucle is not limited to clothing made for fall and winter.

Tips to Wear Boucle

Classic Boucle Cardigan

If you are looking for casual or dressy clothing, you can check out boucle clothing. With a bit of search, you can find jackets that are an ideal choice for professional women. As a matter of fact, the soft texture of this fabric adds a womanish touch to the wear. By choosing tailored pieces, you can achieve a modest, conservative look, which is still considered modern.

Unstructured boucle jackets are smart investments because of their versatility. An unstructured jacket can be dressed up for the office or dinner at a 5-star restaurant, or pair it with jeans and flats for a trip to the farmer's market.


Cardigans are popular among women, especially those women who want a layer of warmth for making their dresses special. Aside from this, boucle cardigans offer textural interest when you can't put on a patterned jacket or sweater. What you need is a type of cardigan that can be buttoned or worn for additional warmth. Whether it's a discounted T-shirt or a silk blouse, you can wear a boucle cardigan with a T-shirt.

Taking Care of Boucle

Since there is a lot of materials available for boucle yard making, we can't give you a special method of washing your clothing. However, we can give you a few tips. If you have wool or wool-blend clothing, you can try dry cleaning or hand washing. After each use, you may want to use a soft brush to gently brush the jackets. This will help you wash the clothing less often. As a result, you will extend the life of your garments. Make sure you don't snag the loops while washing or cleaning.

Lastly but not least, you should hang your garments on wooden hangers so that they don't lose their shape. For ease of care, you can go for machine washable fabric.


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