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Why It Is Important to Have a Sizing Guide on Your Website

By Renee Stevens

Everyone knows the disappointment of ordering clothes online and being so excited to finally receive them... and then they don't fit. What happened? You always order a size medium so why doesn't that top fit properly? Here is the answer:

As surprising as it is, the sizes of clothing stores differ, depending on where they were produced and designed. A large is not always the large you are used to. Foreign clothing stores might also provide European or other countries sizes. That's why it is important for online boutiques to feature a sizing guide on their page. Sizing guides usually give the exact range of inches for every size offered. With this information, shoppers can measure themselves at home if they are not sure about which size to choose.

Not only for shoppers a size chart is beneficial. Making sure customers buy the correct size can prevent returns, unhappy customers, bad reviews, and can even increase sales because of customer satisfaction. Research has shown that retails experience an average of 28% in returns while 80% of these are due to sizing issues. A clear and detailed sizing chart plus a solid Terms of Service can also help back you up when a customer wants to return a product.


Easy to understand size chart

Most of the time, just small, medium and large is not enough. It is important for online shoppers to have some reference on how the garment fits on their body. Providing measurements like the length of inseam, sleeves and waist size will give a better idea of what to expect.

Provide additional information that doesn't lean on numbers and measurements

Not everyone has a measuring tape at home or knows their measurements. That's why it is important to also provide other guides to follow. Your customers have to be able to determine their size without knowing their measurements.

Providing information about the cut of the item like wide or form fitting as well as fits true to size or not can help customers understand and determine which size to choose.

The positioning of the size chart:

Make sure your size chart is visible or easy to find right when a customer clicks on a style. It is all about the convenience. Having to search for information is discouraging and leads to an abandoned shopping cart or an unfinished sale.


Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your page, mentioning the fit and sizing of the product. It will give your new customers a reference. Having someone else share their experience can help not only to choose the right size but to gain trust in the brand and the online shop.


Make returning an item convenient for your customer. Sometimes it needs a few tries to find the right size for a piece and making it difficult to find exactly that, destroys trust and comfort. These customers will most likely not return to your store. Keeping them confident that they will find what they are looking for makes your customers return and refer your offers to potential new customers.

All in all, to avoid returns and keep customers happy, it is important to make finding the right size as easy as possible. The more work you put into providing information, the more you will get rewarded with sales.

Plus Size - What Is Considered Plus Size

By Prashant Chaturvedi 

Every year the world of fashion comes up with the latest fashion trends that are influenced by different seasons. Big names of the word of fashion belong to the USA. People of this country are extremely fashioned conscious. They know the significance of dressing up and accessorizing. This is the cause, why all the brands, which are running in the USA pays sheer attention of the designs, fabricating and selling of the clothes.

The new generation's plus size women go crazy while shopping the clothes and want to buy and wear comfort clothes that gives comfort to any movement. This is because that clothes company gives pay attention when they fabricate these clothes for new generation's people. Now, USA fashion industry lists over 50,000 plus size clothing items every day.

Plus Size Clothing for Fashionable Women

It has made a revolution in the USA of fashion. There is a broad collection of clothing available for different styles and seasons. One can get a lot of advice on plus size fashions such as dresses, skirts, shorts, pants jackets as well as leggings that are available in different patterns and are comfortable for larger women to wear. Moreover, these clothes are available for special occasions, regular daily wear, for the gym or the beach. If you are a lady with a plus size body, you will get plenty of trendy plus size clothes in the market.

There are various company and stores which fabricate and offer these kinds of fashionable plus size clothes. There are diverse types of clothes available in these stores. This assortment of clothing is usually selected by women who want to work out for their overweight. This is the cause why the plus sized clothing shops have become so accepted among the women. These clothes can really make them look handsome as well as stylish and trendy at the same time. So select your clothes from the best online shop to make the best look for yourself.

How to Select Fashionable Plus Size Clothes?

There are numerous online clothes stores offering plus size women's clothing. However, while buying the plus size dresses online you must keep few things in mind. Before you search your shopping, you must know the correct measurement of your body curve, so that you can select the best-fitting dresses for you. Here are a few fashion tips that will help you select the right fashionable dresses for your plus size figure. If you are a lady with a plus size body, you will find plenty of fashionable plus size clothes on the market. These clothes can keep you looking fashionable despite your oversized body.

If you are thinking of shopping online for plus size clothing but you are still unsure where to start searching for your plus size clothes, visit at Plus Size Online Shopping and start saving time and money.

5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Clothes

By George Patt 

The mall may be a perfect place to go to shop for clothes, but it could also be a place of confusion. Undeniably, there are tons of clothes to choose from these days, which makes buying very difficult at times.

You may find yourself drooling over a piece of mini red velvet dress while your hands can't take off of the straight cut jeans that is labeled on sale. It is simply mind boggling not to be able to make up your mind right away!

While shopping for clothes may be daunting and confusing, there are actually different ways to make it easier. When shopping for clothes, don't forget to be a wise buyer. Take note of these factors that you need to consider and you will surely understand how less complex it actually is:

1. Shop according to the occasion

Clothes come in different styles to choose from. What better way to shop for clothes than to shop according to the occasion?

Be right on point and don't easily swerve your attention to the left nor to the right. If you are shopping for a wedding dress, pick out the pieces that's right for it! In the same way you should have done when you're choosing clothes for birthday parties, nature tripping, beach parties, and office attire.

2. Shop according to your personality

You may be that sports junkie who wants to look sporty all year round or you could be like your favorite celebrity who wears high fashion every time paparazzi comes in for a snap. Whatever your taste may be, that should be your identifying mark when shopping for clothes.

Once you are convinced of the style you want to portray for yourself, then it shouldn't be that confusing at all to choose which clothing department to enter into. A classic retro chic can easily know what pieces of clothes to pick simply because she knows what her preferences would be.

However, you can be as versatile as you want - choosing and wearing different styles for different occasions - and that is completely fine. After all, there are no restrictions when it comes to your own style. Famous fashion designers would have not made it to the limelight if it weren't because of their uniqueness and creativity.

3. Shop according to trends

When you can't easily make up your mind and you don't want to get lost behind, go for pieces that are favorites by most trend setters. These trendy clothes can easily be found at the front of every boutique and departments you pass by.

People talked about them on television, published by a lot of fashion writers and bloggers, as well as discussed by a lot of vloggers. Just by one search on the internet, you can already know what the trends are.

However, trends come and go. If you are a trend setter, you should know by now that after a while, new trends will start to emerge. You buy them and the old clothes will be sitting in your closet for the meantime.

4. Shop according to your needs

Whether you are a frugal type of person or simply just wants to splurge on clothing, it is best if you shop clothes according to your needs.

Shopping clothes all at once may leave you some regrets in the end. It can waste the money that you could have used to buy other important things you needed at the moment.

For example, if you don't have plans to go to the beach yet, why would you shop for beach wears? In the same way, why would you buy a wedding dress when you are not even engaged yet? That same principle will help you save big time, not just money but as well as time consumed for shopping. Do it one step at a time.

5. Shop according to your budget

It seems like whatever you do these days, money is always involved. Especially when you are shopping for clothes, you see different brands with different price tags.

In order to get your preferred style for the needed occasion, it is best if you set your budget way ahead of time. Doing so gives you confidence and excitement the next time you shop around for clothes.

I am George Patt, passionate writer and technology addicted. Father of boys.

Every week my team is focusing on writing unbiased reviews, tips, how to's or to uncover secrets. Your feedback is valuable. I am open to ideas, so if you want to write me about a specific topic, connect through my blog

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Project Osmosis, Executive Director, Vernon Lockhart accepting his "Above & Beyond" from AIGA Chicago

Vernon Lockhart, Executive Director of Project Osmosis, a nonprofit helping youth pursue careers in design, was honored by AIGA Chicago on Thursday, June 14, 2018 for his commitment to diversifying the design industry.

The lack of diversity in industries where minorities are underrepresented has pushed companies like Uber, Google and AirBNB to demonstrate stronger commitments to diversity and inclusion. Like the tech industry, the design industry has historically had low numbers of minority representation. A 2016 study by Google and AIGA - the professional association for design - found that only 9% of designers were Hispanic, 8% were Asian, and 3% were African American.

As the Executive Director of Project Osmosis and founder of Art on the Loose (AOTL), Vernon Lockhart has dedicated his 30-year career to increasing those numbers. A native of St. Louis, Lockhart started his career as a designer at Northwestern University after graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He launched AOTL, his multidisciplinary design firm, in 1995. Key projects include designing and building the Bronzeville Children’s Museum and working with corporate giants like Exelon, as well as designing and constructing the Marcus Garvey Interactive Museum and Peter Tosh Museum in Jamaica.

Just as meaningful is the work he’s done with Project Osmosis, the nonprofit organization which emerged from the Chicago chapter of the Organization of Black Designers. For the past 21 years, Osmosis has engaged minority youth in activities that promote creativity and self-expression. The organization helps 700+ students each year to gain access and knowledge about career opportunities in design.

"We want to say 10, 20, 50 years from now, that we were encouraged thousands of youth to pursue careers in design they may never have considered otherwise. I believe every person has the human right to be creative, regardless of their economic background or race," says Lockhart.

His accomplishments include helping to implement internship programs at the Harrington College of Design, Columbia College, SAIC, and Chicago State University. Lockhart helped UIC establish the Osmosis Charles Harrison Scholarship, and recently published Design For Life, a full-color coffee table book celebrating the life of Leroy Winbush - one of Chicago's pioneering designers of color.

Because of his contributions to design, Lockhart has been selected to receive the 2018 Above & Beyond Award from the Chicago Chapter of AIGA. Former Executive Director of AIGA, Rick Grefé says, "We bestow our deepest appreciation to Vernon Lockhart for leading the profession in its efforts to become... inclusive... and encouraging young people to discover design as an expression of creativity."

The AIGA Chicago Awards was held on June 14, 2018 at Forth Level, 845 West Washington Boulevard, 4th floor, Chicago, IL 60607. For more information, visit For information on Project Osmosis, visit



Three Ways to Best Match Your Colored Mirror Sunglasses, to Your Dress and Your Occasion

By Allan Nharu 

Are you excited about the coming party or date? You cannot wait for the day to arrive? You can already feel the cool music thumping through your soul.

Yes, and the savory aroma of tasty dishes too. Oh, you can't just stop imagining... the excited chatter, endless drinks everywhere... all free. It will be a smashing event. You are certain of that.

However, before you leave for the party, you shouldn't just get to choose any dress combination. You have to match-:

• the occasion to colors,

• the colors to design, and

• the design to accessories.

For stinging smart looks, the dazzling cat eye polycarbonate, colored mirror sunglasses, have become very popular accessories these days. They will definitely whip up the vibe at your party or date.

The mirror sunglasses come in a dashing range of colors. It would make great fashion sense for a trendy boho-chic to keep four or five different colored sets on your sunglasses holder, in the closet, to match with your delightful outfit, and to offer suitable protection from different weather and day conditions.

Now that's being properly prepared to rock the occasion. When choosing the colors of mirror sunglasses to stock, the best advice would be, keep a color range that covers dark colors, light colors as well as sparkling colors. You could have shades of gray, pink, green, diamond blue and plain tints.

Here are some of the major benefits you will get from wearing your dazzling mirror sunglasses to your party or date-:

1. Photo-chromic optical lenses.

These shift and darken on exposure to different types of light. The mirrored sunglasses will give you extra comfort in bright sunlight.

2. Eye strain reducer.

Imagine not having to blink or squint so much. The colored mirror sunglasses will also cut eye strain and fatigue from squinting in sunlight.

3. Strong and highly durable.

Polycarbonate lenses are more impact-resistant and can withstand most of the daily blunt pressure.

4. Fashionable frames.

The colored mirror sunglasses are a smart trendy piece. You can have them in gold or silver plated alloy frames that give a softer 80s iteration to your fashion cue.

So how do you match the party or date to the dress, and all the way to your

colored mirror sunglasses?

Let's go through the 3 best matching tips;

1. Picnic.

A day in the sun, calls for light colors. Avoid absorbing too much heat by wearing light-colored outfits. You could try sleeveless dresses, adorned with pink floral to exude that feminine chic vibe. Or mesmerize in a white bar-code stripped dress, with a sneaky slit for tasteful expose of a bit of skin.

The gorgeous side slit, will also make sure you won't have any problems sitting on the ground. This will add to the perfect touch of summer vibes and make you ever comfortable.

Picnics are sunny weather occasions. Splash on your dark shades of colored mirror sunglasses to give extra comfort against the glare of the sunlight. The dark colored mirror sunglasses you choose, will perfectly harmonize with the light-colored outfit you wear

2. Sports.

You can kill fashion while hanging court side at a New York Knicks game. Wear a funky hat-it to bring your soft petal looks together and it's a perfect way to protect your skin at an outdoor event.

Wear lots of accessories. Yes, you can afford to. Put on charm bracelets with sparkling blue-diamond rhinestones, with your tight fit blue jeans and colorful embroidered white tummy-tuck shirt.

On the shoes, make a loud statement with high leather boots. You can go with knee-high dark brown or black leather. Perfect for a baseball or basketball game. Dazzle your ears with tiny sparkling fun earrings.

Then splash on your gorgeous pink or red shades. A pair of pitch-day aviators and cat eye colored mirror sunglasses with crimson tints, goes immaculately well with blue jeans and is good for indoor lighting. Sporty, cool, laid back.

Don't forget a dash of crimson on your soft lips to match the pink or red colored mirror sunglasses. Now that's smashing chic.

3. Dinner date.

Is the diner on a beach side restaurant? Is it an inner metropolitan dinner? Or will you be going to the highly secluded woody resorts? Your dress code should fit the environment. You can't afford to stand out and be so obviously garish. That would make you feel too self-conscious and dampen your conversation with your date.

If you have great legs and arms, wear a short strapless dress. Yet don't go off showing too much skin. It's a date. Comfort is definitely your utmost priority. You don't want to be fidgeting and constantly pulling your dress down. Focus on making most of the light-heartened chatter with your date.

You could also wear jeans, converse or flats, t-shirts and your hot mirror sunglasses. You can do flats and wedges depending on the setting. Your goal is to dress so super-chic, and still give the vibe that "you just threw this on." That deepens your mystery as a well dressing hot flick.

Now remember, eye contact is very important on a date. It's actually the unspoken reason why a couple decides to go out in the first place. Making eye contact provides a great chance for soul connection.

So put on light colored sunnies that can allow your date to see through to your eyes. With a giggle, yes, get them to make eye contact.

Slip on the lighter shades of gray when you choose your colored mirror sunglasses. That will just spark romance and set the tone right for an engaging soulful evening for both you and your date. The light shades are a seamless fit for the varied outfits that you may wear on a dinner date in terms of color and design.

Now to conclude.

Remember, comfort comes first for any dress combination that you put at a party or on your date. Make sure to do your homework, do your research on the place where the occasion is being held. This will enable you to dress to impress, and still be a fit in the unique gathering, so that you can really enjoy your moment in comfort and confidence.

Go have fun!

Allan Nharu is an active partner at Alice Gibbon Paris (working with the exciting founding partner Dan Hilerowicz). Allan has massive world-wide exposure selling highly popular, fashionable and exquisitely beautiful charm jewelry, charm bracelets, Christmas charms, Halloween charms, bangles, silver sterling charms, necklaces, rings, handbags, sunglasses, luxury leather watches and sparkling earrings. Click through to our website at and see our fantastic range of the hottest accessories including the much prized colored mirror sunglasses, which come in a range of ten amazingly cool retro-fit colors, with catchy cat eye design. Alice Gibbon Paris has a passionate team that just loves to make sure you get a pleasant online shopping experience.

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