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How to Choose the Right Crossbody Bag

By Tushar Deep Singh

Whether you are constantly on the go and need a bag that can keep your hands free or just want a trendy and stylish bag, getting a cross-body bag can be an ideal option. Not only do cross-body bags score high on practicality, but they can also prove to be great style statements when teamed well with your outfits. Not to mention, these bags do not put extra weight on your shoulders as it distributes the weight more evenly. When you are travelling with your bag, you'll never feel that you are carrying excess weight. However, while you can find a plethora of stores selling wholesale bags online, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

In addition, you have to take into account a number of factors before making the final purchase. Read on to find out five tips to choose the right cross-body bag.

1. Size matters-When it comes to choosing the right cross-body bag, make sure you check its size. Furthermore, it should have ample space so that all your important items and documents fit into it. Generally, small bags are not a good choice as you are unable to carry all your things.

2. Style-The way the bag looks when matched with your outfit is a crucial thing. Consecutively, you need to take into consideration what style would perfectly suit your own image and personality. The quality of the item you choose should not be compromised when buying a bag. Select one made from quality as well as durable materials. In addition, be sure to select those with heavy and durable stitching.

3. Price-While cost may be high on your priority list for choosing a bag, make sure your decision is not entirely based on the price alone. However, make sure you compare the price of these bags on different online stores, before making the final purchase.

4. Material-Cross-body bags come in a choice of fabrics so you can choose based on your personal preference. If you are thinking of using the bag for work and home, buying a leather bag will be your best bet, as it is not only durable, but is also a little more sophisticated. You can also choose from a range of other materials from fabrics to synthetics. Furthermore, ensure the choice you make blends in with your wardrobe to create your own unique style moving forward.

5. Color is key-While purchasing a cross-body bag, it is important to choose one whose color appeals to you else you may end up not wearing the bag. Whether you go for a leather bag or one made with fabrics and cotton, they all come in different variations of color and various forms. When buying a bag, consider your wardrobe and go for bags whose colors complement the clothes you have.

Creating A Sharp Fashion Forward Leggings Look

By Anne Marie Baugh

Leggings are all the rage in fashion and for good reason. They are flexible, comfortable, and versatile for many occasions. Leggings are used for every day, or running, yoga, and anything that requires you to be comfortable. They can also be dressed up for an event that requires you to look just a bit nicer.

Black is the number one color for leggings. It's quite common to see black or dark blue leggings matched with colorful patterned tops. However, for a unique designer look try reversing that trend by selecting top quality patterned leggings and solid color tops. You can even find tank tops that perfectly match leggings for a total designer look. Add a solid color blouse tied at the waist for a cute fashion forward look.

Depending on what you plan to do in your leggings really depends on the type of top you want to select. If you are running, of course you will want a comfortable, more tight-fitting top so that it doesn't get in the way of your running. Matching tank tops are a perfect choice for this activity. Some shops even offer matching sneakers if you really want to look decked out from head to sneaker toe.

Yoga will require much of the same type of top selection. Of course, you will want to be completely flexible in your top selection and wear something that will not get in your way. Some stores even offer coordinating yoga mats to keep your total ensemble in sync.

For the everyday looks you are much more flexibility and your look can be very casual or even a little dressy depending on your day’s activities. Shop Print-On-Demand stores online to find truly unique leggings and tops that are not likely to be seen in your local area. No more turning up to an event in the same exact leggings as 5 other women. You can get a high-priced designer look without spending the high-priced designer prices. Of course, you will pay more than most local warehouse stores, but the quality will always be much better at a Print-On-Demand store as well. Yes, you really do get what you pay for, unless of course you are just paying for a designer label. No need for that, to get that sharp designer, unique look.

Add a bit of jewelry, a necklace with matching earrings to dress up your leggings look and ditch the t-shirt completely if you want to dress up your look. Just the quality of your top will make a huge different to your entire look

There are so many options for leggings, but the best one is finding truly unique leggings that set you apart.

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This month of March is marked with a ‘historical moment’ in San Francisco, as the city welcomed Fashion Designers to present their creations from Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South and North America.

Although San Francisco is known for tech and not Fashion, last week the city came ‘head to head’ with other fashion capitals with representation of local and international fashion designs!

Fashion Community Week is known to be the largest fashion week platform in Northern California, providing access to an otherwise exclusive fashion industry. The platform is the ‘global intersection of fashion’ in San Francisco, offering an opportunity for Emerging fashion talents and those talents who are under-represented in the fashion industry.

The Award-winning Fashion Community Week celebrated its 10th edition this March 5th through 8th. The 4-day event was filled with conference, brand presentation, installation, showroom, runway shows, and an opportunity to ‘Shop the Runway’ through the newly introduced tech platform. This feature created a buzz allowing attendees to access pieces 'hot off the runway' that is not yet available in the marketplace.

The opening evening (March 5th) kicked off at the ‘Spaces’ with a Fashion-tech conference with brand presentation by: Shoplook, Bodyblock AI and Ohzone sharing the latest in the industry. An informational panel discussion took place with Couturme, Renaissance entrepreneurship center and two venture capitalists: Adam Gordon and Nick Zaldastani, sharing their expertise on the future of the fashion industry.

The second evening (March 6th) commenced at the ultra-chic Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel with a social hour and a fashion show, presenting One of a kind designs and Ready to wear collection followed by a celebration after party. The presenting countries and the designers of the runway show were: Tom Foolery (Haiti-Los Angeles), The Woven Threads(India), Genaro Rivas(Peru), Saga Do Rose(Suriname), Leather Exotica(Ethiopia), Essie Apparel(South Africa).

The third evening (March 7th) inaugurated at the majestic Fairmont hotel with a red-carpet reception and a runway show featuring Couture and evening wear collections followed by a cocktail party at the members club: Modernist. The presenting countries and the designers of the runway show were: Wanda Jara (Nicaragua), Dufie Boateng(Ghana), Mina BineBine (France-Morocco), RABD(Japan), Nancy Vuu (San Francisco) and Eshtary(Egypt).

The Final afternoon (March 8th) was hosted at the striking Hotel Zelos presenting a ‘Designer- model installation’, pop-up and an opportunity to meet the designers who presented at fashion community week.

The afternoon continued with an industry networking and fashion week closing celebration gathering.

Fashion Community Week is an example of an organization using ‘fashion for good’ and changing the face of fashion to create a more sustainable, inclusive and unifying fashion industry for fashion designers and beauty talents of all backgrounds, origins, and aesthetics. The organization firmly stands with the belief that fashion has ‘no borders’ and had represented talents from 40 countries from around the globe. This season,12 emerging fashion designers and 90 new fashion models launched at the 10th edition of the organization.

Fashion Community Week continues to expand to offer more lucrative business opportunities for emerging fashion creative’s. An indiegogo campaign is currently in place at: to help more creative’s.

We invite you to follow Fashion Community Week on social media channels to stay tuned on upcoming events and exciting highlights. With the celebration of 10th edition and representing a global community of talents, the organization had successfully positioned San Francisco on the global Fashion Map!

Tomorrow We Will See If Today You Will Stay In The House!

Adapt to the Current Style of the Streets

By George N Anderson

For anyone that has ever wanted to gauge what's trending anywhere in fashion, one of the best ways is to simply take a glimpse of what people are wearing on the streets to see where it is going and how it is possibly evolving. There are always new styles that are making a splash, with new entries every season that make their own mark in an industry that continues to push the envelope in both men's wear, women's wear, and accessories. For companies that offer wholesale apparel, the market has exploded with a wide range of possibilities that speak to the tastes of many people of all shapes and sizes. The following are just some of the styles that are worth noting in the current sartorial era.

The Rise of Athleisure wear: Today's fashion stresses comfort above anything else, which makes the rise and relevance of athleisure wear significant for both men and women. The woman constantly on the go has more options available to her than ever before, and sports shirts that have been recalibrated for the times include options that are long-sleeved and feature a length that make them perfect for pairing with leggings, jeans, or alone for lounging around the house. What makes them such a great bargain in wholesale apparel markets is that they have a retro feel with a definite edge, are made with comfortable cotton blend fabric for easy washing, and come in an array of colors that give wearers many ways to dress them up or down in their wardrobe.

Rejuvenating the Jeans Market: Jeans have always been a staple in any person's wardrobe, yet the latest iterations hitting around the world include not only the traditional cuts that your parents and grandparents have known and loved, but also a much larger selection of fits that feature more exciting colors, striations, cut-outs, and much more. No matter the selections wholesale apparel now is able to answer to all tastes, all sizes, at all times.

Jackets & Juxtaposition: Sure, the conventional jacket still has a place in today's sartorial landscape, but there are a few more options that can be thrown into the mix that many would love to add to their wardrobe. Hoodies have become just as essential to comfortable athleisure wear as jogging pants, and now women that prefer a sleeker, more sophisticated option can check out peek-a-boo tops that have been reformatted to showcase a sexier, edgier vibe that is definitely more feminine, but still altogether comfortable. Silky and smooth to the touch, and available in a range of sizes to fit any woman, wear it to yoga studio or while running errands and stay in style throughout the day.

These are just a few wholesale apparels options that are currently big hits on the fashion front. With these selections and more, a wardrobe can reach its highest potential in inspiring style.

If you are looking for wholesale clothing and hottest trends in fashion, visit Apparel Candy

Confessions of Men’s Mesh Underwear Wearer

By Michael Falcon A

While you are thinking about men’s underwear do you know the varieties of variants that are available in the market? You must have thought about all the medical facilities that are there to enhance the size of your assets, but you must have not thought about men’s enhancing underwear. You must have thought about going commando after facing some issues but must not have thought about men’s sheer underwear. If you are thinking that you have lesser knowledge about men’s underwear variant that has a light texture and feels weightless down there then menses has come up with a number of variants of men's mesh underwear and this blog talks about my experience with men’s mesh underwear.

The noteworthy developments of men’s work clothing -

Men’s mesh underclothing comes in the class of the most noteworthy variation of men's underwear. Another underneath style has a pocket to hold your masculinity, however, a portion of the men's mesh underwear has variations that have no pocket and give a full presentation to your masculinity. Despite the fact that it despite everything stays agreeable to the wearer the visibility is more for regular use. The variation without a pocket is held together by the texture that sits on your midriff. Aside from this variation, different variations offer the visibility sufficiently only to make you look alluring and engaging.

Gives sex claim -

Men’s mesh underwear is the most noteworthy men's clothing variation which is utilized for the motivations behind sex advance. It makes your nighttime’s an ideal one when you intend to invest energy with your accomplice. Offering all of you the help and comfort, men’s underwear sits on your masculinity giving it a benevolent touch.

Breathability -

Because of the little development that is offered by men's mesh underwear, a lot of wind currents through your masculinity keeping you chill off there. The reality of breathability additionally leaves the conceivable outcomes of aggravation, abrading, redness, and so forth caused because of sweat. Men with sweat-soaked skin see through underwear for men as the ideal match during summers.

Visibility -

As men’s mesh underwear is known for its noteworthy development, it additionally has variations that offer some inclusion. Not all men's mesh underwear absolutely uncovered your masculinity, so men who needn't bother with away from their masculinity can go for different variations. The variations that utilization some texture can likewise be worn for displaying your benefits openly. Spots like seashores, pools, and gatherings, are the ideal events for wearing men’s mesh underwear.

Comfort -

There is a myth that wins in the general public in regard to men’s mesh underwear that they don't offer comfort because of the use of less texture. A few men changed their supposition in the wake of utilizing underwear for men. As no individual needs to make changes with your underneath style, men's mesh underwear is made with the worry of giving comfort. They give visibility sufficiently only to make you look engaging with your partner. It encourages you to set up the state of mind while you stay occupied in making arrangements for your best course of action.

Men’s sheer underwear and mesh underwear for men is something other than clothing to uncover your advantages. The use of sheer material is there to enhance the appearance of the wearer along with the confidence. Alongside offering you comfort in your private time with your accomplice, it likewise offers backing to your masculinity. Thus, disregarding the further fantasies in the public arena, snatch a couple for you today to pull in the eyes on you.



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