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4 Reasons Why People Buy Diamond Heart Pendants

By Shalini M 

People have different reasons to purchase pendants, especially diamond heart pendants. For instance, they are used as a gift, while others buy them with an investment point of view. So, the motives vary from person to person. Most believe that a heart pendant represents love and affection. They are a great choice for different occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, and Valentine's Day.

Given below are 4 reasons why they are loved by most people. Maybe it can help you make the right choice when buying for your loved ones.

1. They are Absolutely Awesome

A heart-shaped pendant is an ideal gift if you want to make your women happy on her wedding or birthday. In fact, it will make that day more memorable. Moreover, pendants can create memories that you will never forget. Made with precious metals like platinum and gold, this jewelry can make a great gift. Some are also embedded with diamonds.

If you are worried about price, know that the diamond-embedded ones won't cost you an arm and a leg. So, they won't empty your pocket. This is the reason many people have the budget to invest in them.

2. They are Meaningful

These jewelry items have deep meanings for everyone. Some people think pendants are full of love and affection. So, they can help a couple strengthen their love bond, which is the dream of every couple out there.

Aside from this, there are some spiritual and religious meanings as well. According to some people, this heart shape represents the love between human beings.

3. They Express True Love

Unlike other jewels, pendants are thought to manifest real emotions and feelings of love. However, the same can't be said about wedding/engagement rings as their use is limited to special occasions only.

Typically, men consider the likes and dislikes of their ladies before buying a heart pendant. Generally, women of all ages tend to love gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Therefore, if you have no idea which one to buy, you can opt for gold, platinum or silver.

You will be over the moon to see the expressions on your lady's face when you produce the pendant in front of her.

4. Lucky Charm

Many women think heart pendants are a symbol of good luck. In other words, this thing can help them deal with difficult situations in their life more easily.

Aside from this, some also believe that a pendant can help them keep bad luck away. We don't know how much of it is true, but this is one of the many reasons women buy this piece of jewelry.


If you are going to buy a pendant for a special occasion, make sure you opt for the right one based on your needs and budget. By following the advice given in this article, it will be easier for you to make the right choice. After all, once you know the reasons to do something, you feel it easier to get the job done.

If you want to buy bulk charms and pendants, you may want to check out PandaWhole. They have a great collections of quality products.

Bohemian Caftans and Maxi Dresses

By Era Chandok 

A boho chic colorful printed caftan dress embraces your heritage and traditional roots.  Loose and free-flowing in gorgeous bright colors, the caftan dress makes a bohemian fashion statement regardless of the occasion. Kaftans made in fine muslin or cotton were worn by men and women in ancient Mesopotamia and thereafter in Africa and Asia. Today, the fashionista carries long and short caftan dresses as her essential must haves, and you can connect to your roots proudly by slipping into an embellished caftan. From loungers to dressy caftans look effortlessly glamorous in any of our stylish kaftans.

Misses and plus-size caftans with colorful prints flatter any figure. Embellished with beads around the neckline or check the trendy georgette sheer caftans that accent your figure at the beach. Swim coverups, luxurious and comfortably soft, slip over caftan maxi dresses work for any body shape. Plus size or misses, wear as an evening gown or resort dress with platform wedges and you can rock to the beats at a music festival.

Be trendy and passionately bohemian in bold colors, tribal ethnic prints and glamorous rhinestones the caftan is a stylish wardrobe essential that you can wear to girlfriend lunches, family events and beach festivals. From playfully chic to casually elegant, create any look you love with our cotton printed caftans or the embroidered kaftan maxi dresses. A long caftan dress shows your sophisticated style or slip on a short caftan, which shows off your legs with sexy heels. Wear the shorter caftans with leggings on colder days or on the sunny beach as bikini coverups.

Recycled sari caftans are nature and earth friendly, using Indian saris to make fabulous resort wear makes you live and spend consciously. Supporting local artisans and women the cotton kaftans are embroidered in Kashmir, India. Upcycled natural fabrics and exotic flowing kaftan maxis are for the free spirited and carefree souls, age is not a concern. Moms and girls alike are inspired by the bohemian and extravagant printed sari caftans.

Gauzy cotton tunics with chikankari embroidery, a traditional Indian style, the long tunics with slits are perfect for the summer vacation. The shorter tunics are versatile as tops or beach wear. The shadow work hand embroidery is an art by itself. Luxurious and stunning the pattern flows all over the fabric in gorgeous designs. Stylish embellished sheer caftans for Moms, the short kaftan dress is ideal for poolside lounging. Chic and comfortable yet consciously sourced, sari caftans are stunning gifts too.

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