External Risks

By Dr. Tim G Williams

As with anything in life there are external risks. Risks that we shouldn't have to have and yet we live in a world surrounded by these external risks that sometimes create internal risks within our own bodies. We continually are exposed to polluted air. The food that we consume is in so many instances is not really beneficial to our overall health. The water we drink in many cases is contaminated with chemicals or even polluted. And, we are continually exposed and often times vulnerable to actions of others whether we come in close contact with them or not. We can through the decisions we make lessen the risks around us. Being educated about certain risks and how to avoid them is essential for our over-all wellbeing.

It was John Donne in his poem that said, " No man is an island." Even Robinson Crusoe had his Friday. At some point in our lives we come in contact with others either through direct physical contact or through mediums like TV, radio or the newspapers and the like. When we hear, see or read about this latest scourge, this Coronavirus, the risks involved should not be taken lightly. But somehow these risks should never have happened in the first place. Unfortunately, though through man's greed and lack of knowledge has opened up a Pandora's Box of extreme external and internal risks on humanity.

Questions have come to surface. Are governments prepared to educate their populations about safeguards or how to avoid this scourge and even heal those that have become infected? Or are we in such a rush to push the panic button and open up the flood gates of this silent and deadly terror where the masses panic? One of the missions of government is to protect and serve the public's safety. There has been a failure of our own government in that they haven't uniformly educated the American public not to panic but take the necessary precautions that will minimize the risks involved with this new virus strain.

It is through knowledge and the follow through using that knowledge that enables people to make the right decisions about their own health and others as well. One can not help remember a Mission Impossible movie where there was a strain of a very deadly infectious substance that was purposely unleashed simply to have governments being extorted to pay billions of dollars for the antidote. We would hate to think that something so sinister would happen today. Yet, we could be wrong.

Believe it or not there has always been cures, preventative measures and natural remedies that would negate and even eliminate so many viruses and disease. But we are always indoctrinated into thinking that the cures are always in prescription drugs that the medical establishment continually prescribes. In so many cases it is after spending so much money on these so-called cures only to find out that natural remedies work so much better and faster. And, yet we continue to fall pray and be victims not only of the disease but by the medical establishment and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Sure, certain vaccines and vaccinations for immunizations when we are young and even Tetanus shots have proven themselves time and time again. But, that's not to say other remedies that also have stood the test of time work just as well and even better in most cases. We all should be knowledgeable in the many ways to minimize the risks and even cure the many ills that plague mankind. It is to that end that governments educate their populace how to protect themselves and others so that the external and internal risks that we really shouldn't have to have is drastically reduced.


Read - Learn - But Stay In The House!

Letter to Editor


By, James J. Hankins, Wilmington, NC

As a teacher, I often told my students “your actions are so loud that I can’t hear what you are saying”. Example: Pence has a daily briefing telling us the progress of our fight with the coronavirus. The number of tests they claim daily are like the number of fish the fisherman said he caught every time he repeated the story. He and TRUMP tell us to stay 6 feet away from each other to keep down the spread as the 18 or more people they showcase on stage with them stand shoulder to shoulder. Their mouths are about sixteen inches apart and TRUMP shook hands with six VIP CEO’s. We people have grouped ourselves into two types: Christians and Atheists.

There are four types of Christians full-time, part-time, Christmas and Easter Sunday only (smile) and retired. There are two types of atheists. The ones that say there is no GOD and the ones that live as if there is no GOD. There are a lot of self-proclaimed Christian’s in the 2nd category of atheists. We are faced with two deadly problems, coronavirus and Trumpism.  Our, lives and our children’s lives are now in the hands of this idiot TRUMP. He is not governing like a President of the United States but ruling as a dictator like his friends and brothers Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. President Obama formed an emergency task force to study pandemic around the world and be prepared, study and defeat them. TRUMP had and has so much hatred and jealousy toward Obama that he disbanded it. We made a big mistake by not voting, thereby electing TRUMP.

GOD gave and is giving us many opportunities to stop him, impeachment trial, statewide elections and November 3, 2020 elections. Regardless of whomever you believe and follow, we all need, for the future of our children, to come together register and vote TRUMP and all his totally corrupt politicians out of office. As for me and my household, we will believe in GOD, call the wicket wicket, serve GOD and vote all the parasites out.

A Journey Through Massachusetts First Black Voting System, 1740’s. 

Our First Black Governor - An Introduction To Black Self-Governing

By Doreen Wade

One of the greatest tombstones sitting silent in Massachusetts is “Negro Election Day”.  Its history chronicles the first documented record of Black Self-Governing in this Country’s history but is hidden behind a suppressed present.

In the 1740’s, freed black American’s and slaves in Massachusetts gathered on land given to Prince Pompeo, a freed slave.  This land was given by his white slave owner and he used it to celebrate a holiday called “Negro Election Day.  The first few years of celebration, Prince Pompeo served as the host, guest of honor and master of ceremonies.  His actual address, still being pursued, is documented as being located on the Saugus River. The Saugus River is 13 miles long and passes through Wakefield, Lynnfield, Saugus, and Lynn, which symbols Lynn MA as an important role in the first documented Negro Election Day. 

Many people ask about Negro Election Day’s history and after it is explained the response is, “Well, I thought it was just a picnic, I know nothing about Slaves.” I, Doreen Wade, President of Salem United, responds, “Our Massachusetts ancestors were the leaders of Black-Self Governing.  Why is this so hard to believe?”  With so many doubters, Doreen began to gather as many documents as possible, all being verified and recognized by the National Historical Society.  Today it’s also recorded in Salem’s Historical District in Salem Willows Park Registry.  Not understanding its Massachusetts Roots & Wings, people from various locations in Massachusetts question, Why is Negro Election Day not Boston?”  Doreen states, “Slaves were not allowed to congregate on public property, which included the Boston Common which was famous for public meetings.”  “Slave owners and white colony government wanted Slaves in a more controlled area far away from where white voting was taking place.”  “This was a way of keeping slaves distracted while white men in Massachusetts voted for their leaders.”

Long before Emancipation and Civil Rights, Whites came up with, what they thought, was an amusing way to keep blacks occupied.  They stereotyped blacks as mere children imitating their masters with this annual ritual.  The annual ritual was to allow Slaves to hold their own elections once a year.  However, Slaves saw it as an opportunity to exert some control over public expression and to demonstrate their solidarity as a community.  Thus, began the history of black self-governing.

In this separate outdoor activity, sanctioned by slaveholders, slaves annually elected a Negro (the term used at the time) as their governor. The person elected often either belonged to a wealthy master or came from a family of chiefs or kings in Africa.  The elected person was a leader in the local slave community and served as a judge, mediator, and liaison with slave owners. He was also a negotiator with ancestors, an important role in many African religions.

Slaves and Freed Blacks from all over Massachusetts and some from other New England areas, dressed in their best festive attire.  The day-long ceremonies were a blend of African and colonial practices.  Slaves were able to maintain some of their African traditions, take part in political activities of their own and enjoy socializing, recreation, and colorful processions.

Before festivities began on Negro Election Day, slaves and Blacks held meetings to listen to candidates' speeches. Over several weeks they debated each other to determine who among them should be chosen Governor. Once the election took place, the winner paraded through town on a horse borrowed from his master, with aides on each side also riding on borrowed horses. After the parade, people gathered for a feast, then competed in athletic contests, dancing, gambling, and drinking.

Interpreting History

The actions of the first Communities of Massachusetts Slaves was an incredible act of sovereign and unique for the time.   Massachusetts lead the way to establish this custom, later launched in the 1750s in Connecticut and spread to other New England colonies. The growth of this festival transformed the way Slaves and Freed Blacks took more control over election days and coronation festivals.  This intimidated white authorities who began to curtail their observance by passing local laws against black gatherings, such as the Boston Common.   It continued into the 1850’s but in Massachusetts, the foundation still endures in its location since 1885 at Salem Willows Park, Salem MA on the 3rd Saturday of July. 

Today, Negro Election Day, which many call, Black Picnic Day is Organized by a collection of 9 Massachusetts residents known as “Salem United”.  It was established in 2015 to PRESERVE its history for the community and to continue to assemble from all throughout Massachusetts (today a more diverse group) and convene on the grounds of Salem Willows Park in Salem MA.  To PROTECT its Legacy established in 1740’s.  To BUILD its activities some replicas of 1740’s, such as the Negro Election Day Parade (without the horse) and some more modern themes relevant to uplifting, educating and inspiring our communities through Vendor education and Voter Education and Registration.

Decades later, we often remember the work of the Slaves as we do many great moments of history. We create Monuments and Memorials we honor the movement’s anniversaries with holidays and heroes.  One of the great accomplishments Salem United would see is the movement of “Negro Election Day” is to secure it as a State Holiday.  In January 2019 so began that process.  The Bill was filed by Senator Joan Lovely a Democratic member of the Massachusetts Senate.  Her respect for Salem United’s work and her interest in Black History in her Second Essex district in the Massachusetts Senate is overwhelming.  Today February 2020 Salem United awaits the final decision and the completion of this project. 

When Doreen Wade, President of Salem United was asked, why is this history so important to today’s movements, she responded, “We need to develop a new way to remember our people’s movement; movements like Negro Election Day and what its history stands for.  We are accustomed to thinking of our history from the perspective of leaders and seminal moments.  We need to remember Negro Election Day history in a reorganized way toward empowerment.”  “The power to understand the vote so as to be able to vote.”  “The power to know your value and your worth and make that work for your community and your people.”

“Salem United has had its struggles, we have encountered difficulties, we have even encountered racism, but together, political leaders, Organizations and many in the Community have worked throughout our setbacks and continue to work in Partnerships, Collaborations and more, to make us stronger in Preserving, Protecting and Building one of the most important events in Black Massachusetts history – Black Self-Governing.

Prayer: America's Hope

By Mark A Zarr

America was built on the foundation and knowledge that our freedoms are endowed to us from the Creator. It is odd to me that God is one of the last places we think to look for the restoration of our freedoms. We rally and cry out to the government, "Give us our freedoms back!" We complain to our friends and family and we moan in front of the television. For over a year, Tea Parties and like groups have toiled to petition the government, elect new leaders, and fight off bad bills. To date, the new leaders have betrayed us, the government ignores us, and bills get passed silently in the night. The more we fight, the more desperate we become, yet little has changed. People are now aware of the misguided leadership betraying our country, but no one knows what to do.

America, pray! There is no greater authority then our God and there is no more powerful a tool than beseeching Him to save us. If our rights are given to us by the Creator and we turn from Him for our own selfish ambition, why are we surprised that He allows us to be led by wolves? We must once again turn our eyes humbly towards Heaven. There, God waits to redeem us and restore our freedoms.  When we decided that God had no place in our lives, we turned in our God-given rights and traded them for lies spoken by power-hungry men promising us the world, if only we follow them. We believed that we had evolved past a "simpleton" need for and belief in a God. We thought that "We the People" wielded enough power to maintain our freedoms without God who gave them to us. We thought we were smart enough, wealthy enough, and powerful enough to take America into the 21st century alone. It only took 10 years to prove our folly. "We the People" were not empowered by our mass or our will. "We the People" were established "under God". It is only under God that we as a nation are "indivisible with liberty and justice for all".

It was under the threat of communism that the words "under God" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 to illuminate the fact that God gave America Her greatness. Why? Because communism says that man could make America great, that the goodness in us could create a better justice and liberty then God. Even as late as 1954, America still understood that God was the fountain of our freedoms and was not afraid to declare it to the world or to anyone who threatened Her sovereignty.  It is no coincidence that God has been discounted by our leaders today. Many of us have been fighting hard to save our freedoms so that we can keep our God, but we have it backwards. We need to be fighting to keep our God so that we can save our freedoms. It is time that we stop playing games with politicians. If we truly want to save America, we must remember our God. We must pray and beseech Him. It is time we hit our knees and take seriously the statement, "God Save America".

Mark Zarr is a Professor of Business & Marketing, a Graphic and Website Designer, a Serial Entrepreneur, and a Writer with an odd automatic reflex to question everything he has even been taught, just in case it might be wrong, overcomplicated, or just plain stupid.

Learn More about Mark at https://www.markzarr.com