Author Rs L.D.J. and his bookcover

Reparations for Blacks in America is not a new concept, yet specific plans for how to acquire them without intervention from the government are scarce. In Black State of America: Black Reparations, author Rs L.D.J gives a detailed and actionable strategy. Many movements focus on equitable opportunities and power for Blacks, but they look to the federal government for funding and support.

Black State of America is a self-reliant plan for social and financial independence. It is a blueprint for reverse migration, in order to establish Black majority states. Within the Black majority states, Blacks will control of all aspects of their local government. L.D.J. highlights factual data about the social, educational and economic dynamics which affect the mobilization of Black Melamericans. The term, Melamerican, describes people of African and Indigenous ancestry.

Instead of complaining and depending on the disparate power structure, the author stresses the importance of Blacks mobilizing to ensure control at each level of government. Black State of America challenges Black people to dispel false perceptions and misinformation while intentionally using their own resources.

"White women are and have been projected to be the majority demographic in America. Why then are they still considered a 'minority'"? L.D.J. asks as a challenge to mainstream propaganda. "The purpose is to continue to keep economic, strategic, community, educational and health related resources out of the hands of Black Americans. There can be no other logical reason for this perversely evil redistribution of wealth to white women, in America. Your Black tax dollars fund their illegitimate 'minority' status."

This profound guidebook shares an eye-opening perspective about the origins and evolution of systematic racism, and how its tenets have shaped a life of privilege for the majority while stifling minorities. It tackles controversial topics with unapologetic candor. The five goals of Fate, Participate, Donate, Migrate and Black State are explored, with emphasis on learning the need for Solidarity, Wisdom, Ideology, Freedom and Trust. L.D.J. outlines a plan for how Blacks can overtake at least 10 states within a five-year period with responsible, non-violent action.

Black State of America: Black Reparations is available from all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target. Follow and engage with on Twitter @BlackStateofUSA. Drop your email address in the comments of the pinned post to receive a free Word .docx copy of the book.

About Rs L.D.J.

Rising from an upbringing rife with poverty, domestic violence and drugs, Rs L.D.J. aims to stop the perpetual cycle of accepting less than what is deserved. As a Black man in America, he has firsthand knowledge of the social ills that affect the progress and prosperity of his community. He has experienced arrests, attempts on his life and eventual redemption and rebirth. L.D.J.'s purpose is to not to gain wealth, but to disseminate information that will improve the lives of all Black Americans.

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Meet Love Atiya, the first 25-year old unschooled Black woman to launch - not one, two or three - but four self-love inspired businesses: with her newest business being Ethereal by Love Atiya.

Films like Mean Girls often portray homeschooled children as extremely socially awkward, highly intelligent, yet very strange. Atiya, however, spent her entire life trying to change that narrative. In fact, by the age of four, she had already opened her first business.

Thanks to a beautician gluing a weave to her scalp; at the age of eighteen, Love Atiya lost a patch of her hair in the front of her head, as well as her confidence.

Fortunately, she began to do an extensive amount of research until she was able to grow her "edges" back. A few years later, she lost her edges again; but thanks to her newfound knowledge, she knew the perfect mix of oils that would grow them back even faster!

After moving from New York City to Atlanta, GA, Love Atiya's hair product addiction grew, as did her frustration. Why was it so hard for her to find a product that didn't contain water, alcohol, a paraben or a word she couldn't pronounce? That's when Ethereal by Love Atiya was born.

Love Atiya's signature product, Ethereal Hair Growth Oil, has stunned the world with its cruelty free, vegan, aromatic, detangling, hydrating and thickening abilities.

The expansion of the company continued on Valentine's Day with the release of Love Atiya's latest confidence boosting product The Ethereal Rhassoul Clay & Turmeric Face/Hair Mask.

She comments, "I changed my name to Love Atiya in 2015 because I felt like I was lacking the self-love I needed in order to flourish. I wanted everyone I came across to approach me with love."

"Once I truly began myself love journey and saw how beautiful life became, I knew I had to share this feeling with the world. All of my businesses involve self-love in some way," she continues. "I found a way to weave love into my photography business The Lens Goddess, my Self Love Workshops for youth and in the stories, I tell through my production company, Love Atiya Productions."

Ethereal by Love Atiya is perfect for women and men who are in search of loving themselves again. She says her company's mission is to show their customers how Ethereal and fulfilling self-care can make them feel, and how amazing it can make their hair feel and smell!

Love Atiya thanks her mother for the years she spent encouraging her to embrace and adore her natural hair. Who knew it'd take one home grown product to help her grow a more beautiful relationship with her hair, her confidence and herself?

To support Love Atiya, visit her official web site at

Also, follow her on social media:

Instagram - @etherealbyloveatiya

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How to Help: In This Era of Anxiety and Struggle, Supportiv Launches Article Collection on How to Help Others

How To Help Someone Who Is Lost

Preserve your own energy and well-being while serving as an emotional support for people you care about

When you help someone through their struggle –whether they’re a friend, family member, or co-worker– you share some of your own strength to lift them up.”

— Supportiv

- Supportiv, the peer support network, has published a fresh collection of articles, giving readers tactical suggestions for how to help someone else who’s struggling, while not emotionally overextending. Supportiv supplements articles and tips by matching users into real-time, topic-specific peer groups for anonymous support for whatever’s on your mind – from family concerns to friendships, breakups to anxiety, and depression to stress relief.

Helena Plater-Zyberk, Supportiv Co-Founder & CEO, captures how challenging it can feel to support someone you care about: “It’s hard to see others in pain, and it takes energy to engage with someone else’s emotions. When you help someone through their struggle –whether they’re a friend, family member, or co-worker– you share some of your own strength to lift them up. Helping in this way is admirable, but your own personal health and wellbeing should always take priority.”

Pouria Mojabi, Supportiv Co-Founder, adds an important reminder about easing the emotional weight of helpers: “With two pretty simple skills, you can help others more effectively and reduce any personal anxiety and fatigue.

The first is building your own resilience. Providing support can be draining when we haven’t developed the right skills to support someone else in a healthy, sustainable way. Resilience involves assessing a solution in a solution-oriented light, which can help us be better supporters to others.

The second skill is to really consider what’s helpful to this person in this situation. Our opinion on a friend’s struggle doesn’t matter, because we are not the ones living it. We can only give support, understanding, and patience to those we’d like to help. Often, that’s exactly what folks need.”

The Supportiv collection includes articles on “How To Help…” someone through any of the following struggles, and more:

  • How To Help A Healthcare Worker During the COVID19 Crisis: Share Free Support
  • When People Seek Help, What Do They Actually Need?
  • How To Help Others Without Draining Your Batteries
  • Ways To Help A Loved One With Financial Issues
  • How To Respond When Someone Is Overly Self-Deprecating
  • All You Need To Support Someone With Body Image Issues
  • How To Lift Up A Victim Of Domestic Violence
  • Ways To Help A Person With Self Destructive Behaviors
  • How To Support A Friend Having An Identity Crisis
  • When A Loved One Struggles With Substance Use…
  • Give Courage To Someone In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship
  • How To Help When Someone Has Been Triggered
  • Help Someone With Chronic Health Issues: The Spoon Theory
  • How To Recommend Therapy To Someone You Care About

Find topics that speak to your personal experience at, with new content and new peers to connect with on each visit.

Supportiv has already enabled 280,000 users to feel less lonely, anxious, stressed, misunderstood, and hopeless through its moderator-guided chats with AI-driven content and resource recommendations. The peer support network is available instantly, and free for your first 24 hours, at

Helena Plater-Zyberk