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11 Resume Formats You Can Choose From

By Loy Machedo 

People keep asking me if there are any options related to creating and crafting Resumes.

Here are the Various Types which I have designed over the period of time.

The different kinds of Resumes can be categorized into the following brackets:

1. Chronological Resume

2. Functional Resume

3. Combination Resume

4. Targeted Resume

5. Mini Resume

6. Resume With Profile

7. Infographic Resume

8. LinkedIn Resume

9. Social Resume

10. Video Resume

11. Online Resume

Chronological Resume

1. Most Popular Format

2. List your work history & most recent position.

3. Your jobs are listed in reverse chronological order with your current, or most recent job, first.

4. Employers typically prefer this type of resume because it's easy to see what jobs you have held and when you have worked at them.

5. This type of resume works well for job seekers with a strong, solid work history.

6. Format that is accepted by the majority

Functional Resume

1. Focuses only on your skills and experience

2. Used most often by people who are changing careers

3. Used by people who have gaps in their employment history

4. Recommended for those who have a very strong or specific skill set

5. Recommended for those who are asked to give a quick snapshot to a decision maker.

Combination Resume

1. Lists your skills and experience first.

2. Your employment history is listed next.

3. With this type of resume you can highlight the skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for, and also provide the chronological work history that employers prefer.

4. Also includes personal details (however, what is included in this area can differ from country to country)

Targeted Resume

1. Highlights the experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

2. Takes more work, effort and time to write

3. Has to be very specific

4. Recommended for Industry Experts

5. Preferred format when asked by Decision Makers or Business Owners

Mini Resume

1. Contains a brief summary of your career highlights qualifications.

2. Used for networking purposes

3. Recommended use for introductory purposes or to break the ice

4. Mostly used for networking purposes.

Resume With Profile

1. Includes a summary of an applicant's skills, experiences and goals as they relate to a specific job.

2. These kinds of resumes are very detailed and long drawn.

3. Mostly used and asked for Legal purposes like migration or by the law.

Infographic Resume

1. An infographic resume uses visuals including images, photos, graphs, charts and other graphics to provide information about a job seeker.

2. Infographics can be shared with connections and prospective employers and pinned to Pinterest.

3. They are like traditional resumes in that they convey similar information such as contact information, previous work experience, and related skills.

4. However, infographic resumes convey this information in a highly visual format; for example, instead of listing previous work experience in chronological order, an infographic resume may display this information in an illustrated timeline.

5. An infographic's unique blend of text and images can help job seekers stand out from other applicants.

LinkedIn Resume

1. Using your LinkedIn profile as a resume is quick and easy, because LinkedIn does all the work for you.

2. Fill in your LinkedIn profile as completely as possible and you'll have an online resume that you can download as a PDF, print and share via email.

3. One of the biggest benefits of using LinkedIn is that the visibility is primarily targeted to the Business / Corporate Community.

Social Resume

1. Social resumes includes links to one's social media pages.

2. Social resumes provide a more complex view of an applicant, and demonstrate the applicant's fluency with social media.

3. You can link to your website from your Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages and your other social media accounts, so you're sure that prospective employers can view it.

4. You can also list the URL on your paper resume.

5. Recommended to send this Resume Digitally.

Video Resume

1. A video resume is a short video created by job applicants to highlight their skills and experience.

2. This Resume format tests the Creative & Communicative side of the candidate.

3. Some video resumes include animated infographics and music as well. Because a video resume is usually quite brief (between one and five minutes), it is almost always supplemented by a traditional resume.

Online Resume

1. This is my favorite format.

2. An online portfolio is a great option for showcasing your talent & uniqueness.

3. You can go wild and free with your creativity, format and presentation. The combinations are endless.

4. You can link everything together (social media channels) and give multiple options (Mini, Chronological, Detailed etc print out options)

5. You have a customized URL with your name

6. You have a customized email with your name and domain

7. Highly recommended if you are serious about your brand.


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Get Your Job Application Noticed

By Mai Le 

There is no way for you to know how many other people are applying for a given job. Rather than focusing on that, pay attention to ways to get your job application noticed. You can take a wonderful example of a cover letter and modify it to fit your qualifications, your passions, and the job description. You want the person reading it to be excited to schedule an interview!

As you look through various examples, you can get a feel for the right way to format and to create your own product. You need it to talk about your objectives and your preferences. The style should be one that covers your personality as well as your integrity. Don't just copy what someone else has written as it won't help you in the interview part of the job hunt.

Always Include One

Many job announcements don't ask for one, but you should always include it. This makes your application look professional. It also shows you took the time to complete documents because you are interested in that job. However, you need to make sure it flows well and it represents you successfully. You can take a part from an example of a cover letter and make it unique.

Keep it to One Page

A common problem is one that is far too long. You aren't writing a report, you are writing a summary! Look for an example of a cover letter that covers all the main objectives but doesn't exceed just one page. It may be hard at first to condense the details you wish to share. Keep in mind your resume and your actual job application also give you the opportunity to share details.


A powerful introduction is very important. You only have a few seconds of time to capture the attention of the reader. What are you going to say to entice them to keep reading it rather than putting it aside? Take a look at many of them so you get a solid example of a cover letter introduction and how it should grab them.

Pick your Key Points

Next, you need to focus on a few key points. Each one should be a paragraph long. Make sure they flow well and they can lead into each other. Otherwise, your materials will be choppy and hard to follow. Look for an example of a cover letter that has the key points clearly shared and documented.

Wrap it Up

Don't let the information just drop off and end, that is a common problem. Instead, you need to wrap it up completely. You want to tie it into the introduction so all of the pieces of the puzzle fit well with each other. Don't leave any question in their mind that you are a prime candidate for the job they have available.

Call to Action

You may feel pushy by asking for an interview at the end, but you must do so. It can be done firmly but also respectfully. Don't assume that is the natural next step for them to take. Instead, you need to give them that push to call you and schedule that interview! Find the right example of a cover letter that does this so you can customize it to find your needs.

Employers like people to take the initiative and ask for what they want. They realize such individuals bring valuable skills to their business. They tend to be motivated, detail oriented, and they strive to find solutions. These are all traits that benefit any business that individual works within.

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Common Issues Applicants Make When Searching For Jobs

By Marcus L Jimenez 

As soon as individuals finish their education, they need to look for jobs in order to accommodate their needs. Surely, there are numerous job opportunities, but there are also a lot of applicants who are seeking for jobs. In addition, some applicants encounter issues that can make their search worse. To avoid these issues, below are some of the mistakes individuals need to know.

Incomplete application. One of the most common mistakes of applicants when searching for jobs is they sometimes have an incomplete application. As of now, there are numerous individuals who seek for jobs in order to accommodate their needs. Because of this, employers meticulously check their information. Because of this, having an incomplete application can be a huge problem since employers cannot determine if you have the right skills and knowledge for the job they offer. To avoid this, make sure that you provide complete and accurate information in your application.

Wrong attire. The next issue that applicants encounter and searching for jobs is they go to interviews with the wrong attire. Some business experts state that apart from the right mindset and skills, attires are important when applying for a job since you need to make a good impression to the employer. By wearing the right attire, you can have better chances in getting a job than individuals who wear shirts and jeans.

Not following instructions. Another mistake that individuals make when looking for jobs is they do not follow instructions. There are some cases when employers have certain requirements applicants need to follow. And, following these instructions are important to allow employers determine if you can be a good member of their company. Sadly, simple requirements are frequently neglected by individuals which is the reason why they are not hired.

Forgetting about your background. As mentioned above, there are numerous job opportunities individuals can opt for. However, some individuals cross the line due to the stiff competition. Unfortunately, applying for a job not related to your skills and knowledge can be hard. So, make sure that you stay on your field to allow you to get job more efficiently.

Neglecting to opt for staffing services. Finally, some individuals also neglect to opt for staffing services. Some individuals think that opting for such service can be expensive. Not to mention, individuals also think that staffing services can only benefit employers. But, the truth is, staffing companies allow applicants to find the best job position for them. This is possible since they have a wide list of employers in different industries. Not to mention, some service providers also offer training programs to help applicants find jobs more efficiently.

These are only some of the mistakes applicants need to be aware of to make their job search easier and more successful.

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