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So Why Should They Hire You?

By Kim L. Clark 

Congratulations! A client with a big budget and a need for your kind of services has called you back for a second talk. You're excited and a little nervous, too. There's a lot riding on this interview---maybe this is a prestige client who will help you attract still more prestige clients? Maybe you have bills to pay and this assignment is your ticket to solvency?

Whatever your motive, you're nowhere unless you ace the interview and sign the contract. You're delighted that the conversation is rolling along nicely until out of the blue, your prospect throws a last-ditch, mundane and yet potentially flummoxing question at you: "Why should I hire you for this project?"

Most of us will flap our jaws aimlessly and ramble on about the value-added we bring, our work ethic, excellent customer service or deep expertise. All of these benefits are positive but in today's hyper-competitive economy, a Solopreneur consulting specialist must make a stronger case. We need to make the client salivate to have us on board.

As luck would have it, there are some good answer templates available and they will make you shine. These templates give the prospect the confidence to open the door and bring you onto the team. You maximize the impact by replying in a relaxed tone, keeping your answer clear and simple and avoiding the use of jargon.

Interview coach and author of Convince Them in 90 Seconds (2010) Nicholas Boothman suggests that you try something like this:

"You know how an outside specialist has to be flexible and ready for the unpredictable? Well, I know how to adapt to changes, I have initiative and I can cover a lot of bases, so your team members will be able to concentrate on what they do best and I can take care of the other stuff that needs to get done."

You might also try something suggested by business journalist Geoffrey James, author of Business Without the Bull (2014):

"You know how sometimes you can't find top talent to bring on when you need them most? Well, I have ( x amount of) years of experience in (whatever field) that will let me solve your (problem or need) and get the right solution up and running in a short time frame. When you hire my organization, you won't have to spin your wheels searching for talent and you'll avoid the risk of hiring the wrong person."

Here's a cool little retort for the Solopreneur consultant who has not seen age 35 in a decade or more and it works whether one is speaking to a Baby Boomer, Gen X, or Millennial:

"You know how sometimes people can get into emotional battles over how to approach a problem? One of the most important things I've learned over the years is how to bring these kind of conflicts to a quick resolution. If I'm on your team, you'll not only get an experienced (name the specialty), but also someone with perspective, who can guide a team away from butting heads and toward getting the work done."

Note that your answer positions you as the solution to the client's problem or need and that is precisely how you want to be perceived, for that is why you will get hired. You may devise other answers that more closely reflect the circumstances of your field.

Anticipate the question "Why should I hire you for this project?"in advance of your next client meeting and think of scenarios that will help you answer in a way that focuses on the client and how you can make his/her life easier.

Thanks for reading,


Kim L. Clark is an external strategy and marketing consultant who brings agile talent skills to the for-profit and not-for-profit organizational leaders with whom she works. Please visit to learn how your organization can achieve mission-critical goals when you work with Kim.

6 Useful Tips for Workplace Safety

By Leo Eigenberg 

Anyone in charge of running a business will appreciate the importance of workplace safety. A clean and healthy workplace is essential for employees to avoid getting hurt and creates the environment that is a pleasure to work in. Plus, it is always a requirement to comply with local standards and regulations.

Here are six useful tips on creating the clean and healthy workplace:

Keep your work area clutter-free

A fresh, clean and organized office is that much more pleasurable to work. A common cause of accidents is tripping or slipping on spills or other objects on the floor. It is essential to keep aisles clutter-free, organized and clean to minimize the risk of accidents. Also, any office should have rules in place to make sure spills are cleaned up straight away.

Care with slippery floors

Any area of the workplace that has a high risk of creating spills on the floors, such as in front of a sink can benefit from using mats. A non-slip rubber mat is a quick and simple solution to increase employee safety and prevents employees from having a nasty fall. The high-quality mats have the ability to absorb nearly 80% of water spills.

Stay safe with combustible materials

It is essential for combustible materials to be stored properly to avoid the risk of a fire. They should be stored in appropriate housing that is secure, well vented, and in a temperature controlled environment. Also, any spills for these materials should be professionally cleaned up to avoid further issues.

Provide proper training in the workplace

Any employee that is expected to handle machinery, equipment or tools must get the proper training. The employees that aren't yet trained should stay away from heavy machinery. Also, the newly trained employees can benefit from having a trained person supervise them when first using this type of equipment.

Clearly mark hazardous zones

Areas in the workplace that are used for storing dangerous equipment should be clearly marked. Walkways can benefit from clear labeling, or even white and black stripes painted on the floor. This lets everyone know the designated hazardous zones and helps to minimize potential accidents or injuries.

Wear appropriate clothes for the task

Employees who are operating machinery should be wearing the appropriate clothing. The right safety and protective gear should be worn, as well as heavy-duty shoes if needed. Plus, it is essential to wear the right type of gloves when handling harmful materials.

Discover more about the practical uses of safety showers in the workplace

Resume Writing For Professionals

By Gregory Ikner 

Having a great resume is the first step to landing that ideal job. Resume writing can be the most stressful part of the job search. But it is also the most effective way to share your experience and qualifications. The purpose of your resume is to create enough interest that the employer will want to see you for a more in-depth face to face interview. Those resumes receiving the most attention are structured with the following components:

Value Proposition Statement

This section should state to the employer the immediate value you will bring to their organization. If you are a business development professional with successful experience working with companies in the medical industry you should have this listed in this section. An example of this statement would be "an experienced business development professional with established existing relationships in place with key regional medical equipment companies. These established relationships will allow me to gain immediate access to key decision makers early within the sales cycle". The value proposition statement allows the employer to visualize you in this position and as an immediate contributor to their organization.

Keywords In Resume Writing

Effective resume writing should be done in a way that allows you to stand out from the crowd. One of the most effective ways to do this is to make sure you use the appropriate keyword (s) for the job posting. So we know that most companies are using parsing software in reviewing resumes. This software is designed to filter for keywords from the resumes they receive. This software will look through resumes for these keywords.

So simply put keywords are those words that easily describes the position you are applying for. In the example above the position is business development professional. So what words immediately come to mind with this position? Correct, business development. Therefore you will want the keywords to be the words business development. To tell your story you should use these keywords in a natural story telling manner.

Highlight Your Experience

Many professionals have a wealth of valuable relevant experience to share. The key is how much of this experience should you share on your resume? Resumes are parsed and if selected will be reviewed by the employer for about 20 seconds or less. In resume writing it is totally acceptable to construct a 2-3 page resume if you are applying for an executive level position. All other positions 1-2 pages are common. Remember most employers know that the average job seeker has three plus jobs in their career. The length of the resume is not as important as the use of keywords and highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications. The only experience you should highlight are those experiences that apply to the job. As mentioned above you should naturally tell your story using keyword and relevant job experience.

Having a great resume is easily accomplished and doesn't require fancy words, design or layout. There are many free resume writing templates on the internet that can help you with layout etc. Because this document is so important in getting you closer to your new job we encourage you to devote the necessary time to get it right. Most importantly before you send your resume to a perspective employer you should have a trusted person review it and provide feedback. Be sure to use spell check and look for grammatical errors etc. Remember you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Resume Writing Made Affordable

Many professionals choose to write their resumes and with tremendous results. But if you feel the need to use a professional service know that these companies and professionals fees range in price from $300-$1500 based on the required technical copy writing skills. In other words if you are applying for an IT or Medical position you would want a resume writer with that level of experience to write impactful copy or content on your behalf.

You are now closer to securing that position that most fits your skills and qualifications. Wishing you the very best

We hope this article clarifies some of the confusion in the use of keywords and value proposition statements. Resumes are designed to gain the attention of the prospective employer. Take some time in listing your qualifications and skills. With this article you are now equipped to tell a great story about your qualifications and experiences.