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How To Grow And Scale Your Business Quickly

By Jon Allo

Do you want to scale your business quickly? Then it's time to recognize what your customers want and give it to them.

A customer-centered "outside-in" perspective is a great way to rethink and redesign your business. It allows you to stay ahead of the competition and respond to changes. This approach will help you understand the evolving needs of your customers and come up with innovate ideas to serve their needs.

Working From The "Outside-In"

Often, business owners get caught up in internal matters and lose focus on the changing market. However, by working from outside-in, you'll bring a new perspective to your business. You'll have different insights and experiences that will help you approach your marketing from a different angle. An outside-in approach will infuse your marketing strategies with fresh and unexpected ideas.

It's common to get the tunnel vision, and sometimes this is unavoidable. It happens especially when we're very close to a project. You invest your time, emotions, and money in your business, and it becomes hard to see things clearly.

Although you may have a clear idea of who your target market is, one small change in the way you segment your target market can significantly improve your revenue and profits. The new perspective brings improvement.

Break Out From Your Comfort Zone

It's clear that if you want to build something great you have to break from your comfort zone, and an outside-in marketing perspective will definitely disrupt that comfort zone. It'll shake things up and change the assumptions you have about what will work and what won't work. It'll help you market your business in a different, unique way and you'll truly stand out.

It's normal to take certain things for granted and these things could be the differentiators that could make customers line up to purchase what you're offering. Also, it's common to be having a differentiator that isn't setting you apart. However, breaking out of the comfort zone by adopting an outside perspective will help you see your company more clearly and you'll do everything possible to create a more effective strategy.

Understand Your Customers

Adopting an outside perspective can help you fully research your customers and you'll be able to understand them inside and out. You'll be able to speak the customers' language instead of using the words you use internally. And you'll be able to showcase the benefits of your products and services in a manner that will help you land your ideal customers.

When working in an organization, it's often hard to show the value of your products or services to those outside your organization. But a customer-centric perspective can help you solve that issue. This is the best approach to rethink and redesign your company. So if you want to build a successful and sustainable business, it's time to adopt an outside-in perspective.

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7 Actionable Strategies For Greater Social Media Impact

By Susan Regier

With the growing expanse of social options to create brand awareness, do you know where you should be hanging out?

It's impossible to be everywhere, so choose two or three platforms where your customers and prospects are hanging out and post, share, and comment regularly. To get the most out of your efforts, here are my top 7 actionable strategies to ensure your brand is receiving optimal impact.

1. Include an Engaging LinkedIn Headline or Facebook Intro: Don't say you're "Self Employed" or a "Business Consultant." Instead, tell people exactly what you can do for them; for example, "Copywriter, Marketing Strategist & Brand Storyteller to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits."

2. Write a Compelling Summary or About Section: Answer the question, "what do you do?" As with all your marketing messages, write from your customer's point of view. So what challenges do you solve or solutions do you provide - meaning the outcomes that your customers receive when working with you?

3. Update Your Contact Info: Please, please, please include your phone number, your complete address if you're a storefront (link to Google Maps), and a link to your Website. I'm probably not the only one who has been on the road searching for a particular store and feeling frustrated as I scroll around trying to find an address or phone number. And similarly, I've arrived at closed stores, even though their hours are listed as being "OPEN." If you change your operating hours, change your Website and all social media listings!

4. Use Brand Images: When it comes to graphics, be sure to use a professional headshot and not a cute image of your dog. Seriously! This is your brand we're talking about. Include a branded cover photo or background image as well - don't leave the default blue background (LinkedIn) or blank space. This could be your first impression - make it a great one!

5. Customize Visual Content: Each social platform has its own design standards when it comes to graphic size, so be sure to size your graphics accordingly. I use Canva to create my graphics as they make it simple to resize an image for various platforms with a quick click of a button and a few minor design adjustments.

6. Share Your Videos: According to LinkedIn expert. Goldie Chan, videos get shared three times more than static images. Create short (one to two minutes or less) videos that clarify a point, teach a lesson, or offer a helpful tip. Add your logo and a call to action.

7. Create a Social Media Calendar: By creating a framework of posts, you can easily share content that resonates with your audience and promotes your brand effectively. Use an Excel spreadsheet or download a free template online to get started. List the products and services that you want to promote each week along with inspirations (Motivation Mondays or Fun Fridays), customer stories, blog posts, video tips, shared articles, etc. The list is endless. Creating a framework for each week or each month takes the headache out of deciding what to post each day and ensure you're not too salesy. These are "social" platforms, not a sales call.

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Make Your First Online Dollar With Affiliate Marketing

By Jon Allo 

Affiliate marketing represents a large spectrum of ways that you can make money on the internet. Basically, it is the idea of promoting products and services that are owned or provided by others while receiving a commission for the sales produced.

Affiliate marketers are like the "middle man" in a business deal. It is through this route that many people begin to earn money online. There are many options if you decide to become an affiliate marketer.

Choose Your Products

The first choice you are likely to make when it comes to affiliate marketing is which products you want to advertise. You can choose digital products such as software or eBooks, or physical products like you would purchase from Amazon and other online retailers. Each have their own set of pro's and con's when it comes to promoting them on the internet. For most people, it's a personal preference or a factor that depends on the niche they wish to venture into.

Provide A Solution To A Problem

It is important to note that in most cases, affiliate marketers should not be selling anything. Many marketers make this mistake when they are first starting out online. Though you may feel like a salesperson, the truth is, you are merely leading buyers to the sales page of the products you are promoting.

The product or service owner has likely spent hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of dollars on their sales copy, so you should always leave the selling to them. All you need to do is provide your site visitors with the perfect solution to the problem.

Quick And Easy To Start

Affiliate marketing is perfect for beginners for a number of reasons. First of all, you don't have to have a product or offer a service in order to make money with this method. Additionally, there is very little, if any, interaction between you and those that buy in the end. The product owners take care of the customer support so you don't have to. Finally, affiliate marketing is a cost effective venture that many can get started in with little or no investment. In most cases, all you need is a domain name and web hosting, which can be purchased for less than $10, to begin.

If you have considered making money online, you may want to give affiliate marketing some serious thought. This is where many people make their first online dollar. It can provide you with a great deal of knowledge as to the buying, selling, and marketing processes that occur on the internet.

Companies are happy to pay commissions to people just like you, in return for selling their products and services. You have the potential to make a great income when you choose the right niche, stay committed, and understand your audience.


How Online Communities Can Build Your Brand

By Jon Allo

When you start thinking of your customers and potential customers as a community that you want to be involved with, a lot will change in terms of your branding efforts. Branding is all about what your customers (and people who aren't customers yet) think about you.

How does seeing your logo, your content, and your face make people feel? How do you want them to feel?

Building an active, purposeful community around your audience is a great way to build your brand even further than you may have thought possible. To do that, you can get started by setting up a Facebook group, a community, a forum on or even start your own network via It depends on what you want to accomplish.

One thing the customer expects today is personalized and customized experiences and right now, starting a Facebook group is an easy and effective way to deliver this to them.

Gives Your Audience Access to You

When you invite your customers into your community, giving them access to you, it will make them feel very special. They're going to love getting an inside look into your business as well as finding out early about new products or services that you're launching.

Builds an Emotional Connection with your Brand

When people get to talk to you and other customers or soon-to-be customers on a regular basis, they become emotionally connected to you and your brand. This means that probably they're going to buy almost everything you put out and promote you to their friends and family too.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Once they have access and a relationship has developed, and that emotional connection has formed, brand loyalty will be built. This means they're going to keep buying from you, tell people about you, and be part of your community for a long time.

Puts the Focus on Relationship Building

When you have a community and are communicating with them on a regular basis in this personal way, the focus ends up being on relationship building rather than sales. But, sales happen anyway, and it feels good and more natural.

When you put an online community on the front burner to help you get closer to your audience, build a connection with your audience, and build brand loyalty due to the relationships you're building, it will make all the difference in the world for your branding.

Facebook groups can generate leads, build your email list, give you access to more prospects and sell your products and services. But if you do it the wrong way it can lead to lasting damage to your reputation and brand. However doing it the right way ensures that you have the best possible chance for business success. Get your free Facebook Group Checklist at