7 Tech Trends To Add To Your Small Business Startup To Attract An Angel Investor

By Pierre Jean-Claude 

Angel investment is on the rise, and your small business startup needs to capitalize on all the opportunities at hand. Venture capitalists are on the hunt for business startups to invest in that are currently at the cutting edge of technology and taking risks with these advancements trends. You find that investors are eager to sink their investment dollars in these technologies so that they can reap the future returns. While the payoff might be big for an angel investor, these tech trends will also help your business startup to attract those funding dollars.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not new to the scene, but for 2018, it is making a significant headway. By allowing companies to do more with less, AI will turn out to be a fundamental change in the way a company does business today and tomorrow. Startups that integrate AI into the fold will experience a shift in how they are able to perform routine tasks, freeing them up to focus on their customers. Angel investors see this as a win-win as they are able to invest in an advancing technology as well as a startup that is leading the way with its use. Your business startup will do well by having AI as a part of your repertoire and see more funding interest come your way in 2018.

Social Media

The uses of social media to enhance your consumer game is a boon for investors looking to find business startups that are succeeding in their customer engagement. While social media isn't a newcomer technology, those that have a strong endgame will win big in terms of revenue sales. Social media is proving to be the technology platform that links us all together and gives business startups the recognition they need early on. Venture capitalists are enamored with its use by business startup as they see the power it offers and the benefits a business startup can take advantage of. Using social media to boost your business in 2018 will be key to gaining funding from an investor as they recognize the strengths it offers to your consumers.


Blockchain is another technology on the fringe waiting to bust on to the scene in a fury in 2018. It's ability to provide a real-time ledger of transactions can give your business startup the transparency it needs to garner the nod of a venture capitalist waiting in the wings. Your business startup will benefit from Blockchain's ability provide stable and error-free operations while angel investors gain by investing in a technology that has proven its worth. You'll see funding offers from a series of investors if your business startup utilizes Blockchain to its full advantage within your organization.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is advancing at a steady clip for the New Year, and you'll see IoT virtually everywhere you look. With consumers becoming more connected than ever, IoT offers an opportunity for new products and services that enhance IoT's capabilities in the home, business, and community. Angel investors are savvy to the draw of IoT and how it is changing the way consumers interact and live their lives. They want to get in with business startups that are using this technology to move their business forward, engage with consumers, and improve their business operations. Count on IoT as a way to entice venture capitalists and secure funding in 2018.

Big Data

Data is everywhere these days, and it will only get bigger this coming year. Business startups such as yours will be able to use big data to understand every aspect, detail, and nuance of your customers, so you can create products and services they desire. With big data changing the way that business startups engage with their clients and provide unique customer experiences, it means plenty of evolution is on the horizon. Angel investors are keen on the possibilities all this available data can provide and know that companies that take advantage of the information can lead their industry in leaps and bounds. Use big data to enhance your business startup operations and stay tuned for venture capitalists to come calling with much interest and fanfare about your company this year.


While 2017 was a year that many will remember for its security breaches, this year provides a turn of events as business startup integrate or offer cybersecurity services to better protect their customer data. This cybersecurity will change how companies in all sectors operate and provide the level of security that is needed to protect that confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. Business startups that use cyber-security to protect their company or create products and services for others that help them secure their information will do well in the following year. Angel investors will show interest in these endeavors as the need for secure data protocol is growing without hesitation.

Virtual Reality

Also, on the fringe in 2018 is VR. This technology gives you the ability to engage with your customers in a new and exciting way. Through a more desirable customer experience, VR can help your business to increase its customer numbers as well as its revenue as VR improves workflow and access to customers all over your niche. Angel investors want in on AR as an investment opportunity, and your business startup will attract their attention now and into future with this technology at your helm.

Integrating any of these technologies in your business startup shows a strong sense of understanding and initiative to increase your customer base and profits this year and the coming year. Angel investors want to be able to get their hands wet with these new technologies so that they can be where the growth is with these trends. Think about how these technologies can help your business startup succeed in 2018 and secure the funding you need to get off the ground. You'll be surprised at how much attention you receive by taking the first step with any of these technology trends and reap the rewards of investment into your company by an investor.

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Why Greed Is Bad and How You Can Be Better at Success

By Wayne Elsey

Merriam Webster defines greed as "a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed."

If you're old enough to remember, there was a time in the popular culture where greed was celebrated because of Gordon Gekko. In many ways, the spirit of Gekko remains as vibrant today as it was in the 1980's. Last year the market broke records and lots of money was made with the S&P 500 rising approximately 20 percent, the Dow 25 percent and the NASDAQ almost 30 percent.

The reality is that greed is part of the human condition. In the arc of human history, many historic events since the beginning of recorded time have occurred because of greed. These events including wars, conquests, and occupations, have been because of the insatiable desire for money, territory or power. It's probably fair to say that greed will be with us for the foreseeable future.

What Greed Looks Like in Business

In business, greed can take on different costumes. For instance, it can be disguised with buzz words that try to inspire the teams, such as vision, goals, and motivation. As an example, there's a company in the education space that immerses its team members in the jargon, but the reality is the CEO only wants money. Because of the lack of authenticity around greed and money, there's an ongoing tension and dynamic in the company because people believe in the stated claims for vision, goals, etc. until they don't. Greed can't be disguised for long.

Some have identified greed as an essential aspect of success. They will tell you that if you're not greedy, you're not good enough to be in business. The greedy people will question, how could you possibly think about succeeding without having greed as a motivating force?

They'll say--the more the better!

The Problem with Greed

The reality is people want to be successful, and the key motivation for business success is money and profit. But greed goes beyond success. Greed is never satisfied. Greed wants to consume, and it feeds on itself. For instance, some firms are known to drive down the stock prices of companies they want to acquire, and after they do that, they will quickly break it apart and sell the assets that are more valuable than the whole group. Many companies have been torn apart, and people have lost their lives and livelihoods because of greed.

Greed does not have any cap on its need for profit, assets, income, territory, etc. It will always be more, more, more, more, more.

How to Temper Greed

As I said, there's no problem with wanting success, in money, business and life. But, there has to be a point where you're content with what you've achieved, and if there's more to be had, it's merely icing on the cake. A temperament that lacks greed does not have a burning and insatiable desire to have more, whatever the price to you and others.

Unfettered greed is not good. It is destructive and all about the acquisition of more. It's harmful and hurtful. It's cynical, unquenchable and never satisfies.

There are ways to check yourself and make sure you're not getting caught up in the greed "death spiral."

If you have a drive for success, refocus your energy not so much on the outcome of the money or status, but on the personal growth and positive impact you will be making in your life and that of others.

    Focus on the wealth of spirit, meaning, take the time to reflect regularly on the positive aspects of personal development and success. Don't make it all about the external objectives you will achieve, but also about the internal development to become a better version of you.

    If your success means more money for you or expertise, make it a point to give some of it away to philanthropic causes. Remember, there's always someone else that would love to be in your shoes, no matter how much or little you think you may have in your life.

    Enjoy the ride. The reality is that the higher you climb the ladder to success, the scarier it can become to look down because of fear of loss. Instead, focus on the "view" every step of the way. Take pauses and reflect on how far you've come. Savoring and building appreciation and gratitude will help you keep the negative drive of greed at bay.

    Be kind--always. If you're looking for success, the best kind comes with consideration and thoughtfulness toward others you meet along the way.

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© 2018 Wayne Elsey and Not Your Father's Charity. All Rights Reserved.

Nation's Leading African American Entrepreneurs And Corporate Executives To Gather In Charlotte At The 23rd Annual BLACK ENTERPRISE Entrepreneurs Summit

BLACK ENTERPRISE will return to Charlotte, North Carolina, to hold the 23rd annual Entrepreneurs Summit hosted by Nationwide on Wednesday, June 6, through Saturday, June 9, at the Charlotte Convention Center. The three-day power conference, which brings together more than 1,000 of the country's leading entrepreneurs and corporate executives, is designed to provide attendees with the innovative strategies and networking opportunities critical for their businesses to reach the next level of profitability.

BLACK ENTERPRISE President & CEO Earl "Butch" Graves Jr. will officially announce that Charlotte will serve as host city at the planned press conference scheduled for Jan. 30, 2018. The Charlotte business community is critical to job creation and innovation, which is why the Summit seeks to drive the growth of black entrepreneurship and economic development in Charlotte and nationwide. The Summit returns to Charlotte 10 years after the annual conference was first hosted by the city.

"It's our intent that Greater Charlotte, and its nearly 13,000-plus black-owned businesses, be the greatest beneficiaries of our presence here. Deals are made at our conferences and long-term business relationships are forged," says Graves Jr. "We expect the three-day event to unite local business leaders with some of the nation's leading corporate decision makers, all while delivering more than $4 million to Charlotte's already thriving economy. At the same time, we look forward to raising the city's profile as one of our publication's top destinations to live and do business."

"What better time than on the eve of Black History Month to formally announce the partnership between the City and BLACK ENTERPRISE in hosting the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurial Summit," says Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. "In the City of Charlotte, we have made a priority of improving economic mobility as it relates to small business opportunity, high paying jobs, and broader access to opportunity. To be able to host this Summit, partnering with an organization that has grown from a focus on magazine production to one that promotes the concept of economic mobility internationally in all that it publishes and in events that it promotes is a true privilege for our great City."

Charlotte City Council member James Mitchell said, "It has been an extreme pleasure to chair the local Steering Committee and Ambassador Committee that are working locally to make this the best Black Enterprise Entrepreneurial Summit to date. We are lucky to have BE here and we want to show BE and the nation that this is an outstanding climate to promote black entrepreneurship!"

The conference, themed "Connect. Build. Elevate.", will welcome high-powered sessions on critical business topics such as Startup Funding: The Right Way to Fund Your First Business; Build Your Business by Making Money on Social Media; and Doing Business in Charlotte, just to name a few. Plus, the Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Competition will award $10,000 for the best new business idea. Get the education, resources, and connections you need to boost your business growth for years to come at the Entrepreneurs Summit.

"Nationwide is proud of our long-standing partnership with BLACK ENTERPRISE and the opportunity to serve for the 8th year as the host sponsor of the 2018 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina," said Nationwide Chief Administrative Officer Gale King. "Nationwide understands that being in business for yourself takes dedication, commitment, and hard work, and it is our pleasure to partner with BLACK ENTERPRISE to recognize and support entrepreneurs today, and in the future. It's part of what Nationwide's On Your Side promise is all about.

The 2018 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit hosted by Nationwide is presented by Toyota and corporate sponsor FedEx.For updates, follow the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit page on Facebook and search the #BESummit hashtag on Twitter.

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How to Create a Business in a Brand

By Shubham B 

These days many businesses are thriving and striving hard in order to create their presence and enjoy higher sales. The business branding overall has become an eternal need of every business and without which it would be more difficult for any business to survive.

Earlier, people thought that branding is only required for the large businesses, but as the time moves on it is proved that branding is not just required for large businesses, but also for the small businesses.

However, it doesn't matter whether you are heading a large business or a small business, but most important is that you should have a detailed strategy of branding your business in order to achieve success.

Below are the steps that will help you to create a better business brand

Follow KISS:

KISS is a most prominent branding terminology which stands for Keep it Short and Simple. Use Kiss while defining the name of your business because it plays an important role in your business branding. Most of the successful business brands usually have very short and simple names which are easy to pronounce and remember. Just remember the names like BMW, Audi, Intel, Google etc. The longer or complicated business names are much difficult to pronounce and recall.

Use a creative logo:

People usually identify a business not only form its name but also from its logo. A business logo is the identity of every business that why special cares to be taken while designing the business logo. Remember, if somebody takes the name of Mercedes then the immediate thing that comes to the mind is the very famous three spoke Mercedes Benz logo. Same is with BMW and Audi. But this is not restricted to the automotive brands only, but other companies also like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Mac Donald's etc.

Choose the right color combination:

It's not just the logo or business name, but the color theme of your business also plays a major role in its branding. Once you have identified your business name and logo then all your branding and promotional material should revolve around the color scheme that you have used in your logo. For example, most of the Mac Donald's outlet uses the shades of Yellow in their interiors and promotional merchandise and even on the food packages because that color represents their business. Same is done by other brands like Dominos, Shell and DHL etc. The color of your business has a psychological impact on the minds of the consumers and that's why it is important not to choose more vibrant or difficult colors. Use solid and simple colors like Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White and Black in their different shades.

Choose your USP and stick around it:

USP or a Unique Selling Proposition is a very small word but it has made a huge impact on many businesses. These days competition is intense and therefore in order to stand out from the competition, you need to have a USP of your business and your entire branding strategy revolves around the USP. The brand like BMW and Mercedes has its USP, as they offer premium and high safety products. While brands like E bay and Ali Baba has the USP as they offer a wide selection of very affordable products. Similarly, Mac Donald's have their USP of providing the delusions burgers. The USP helps people to identify your business with a product or services. For example, when someone talks about a burger then first thing comes to the mind is the Mac Donald and when someone talks about the sports shoes then brand name comes to mind are the Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Fila.

Do brand hammering:

One of the most important things for every business is the brand hammering. The brand hammering involves continues to push to the brand to its target audience so that people could easily connect with the brand. Although sometimes a brand hammering proves quite expensive because it requires many promotional and marketing exposures. In order to make your brand stand apart from other brands, you need to create a chain of TV commercial and print advertisements so that it will hammer deep into the minds of the consumers. Although, today in the modern age there are many digital marketing channels which are very much affordable and good for brand hammering.

Bring emotion to your brand:

These days because of the excessive stress and hectic lifestyle people are getting more emotional even for the small things. Anything that connects to their emotion brings out more success to the brand managers. If you have a product or services then create an ad commercial keeping in mind the emotion of the consumer. These types of emotional ads would more connect with the consumer. The people who are emotionally attached to a product or a service were more likely to remain loyal towards them for many years. Example of an emotional connection could be seen in many car advertisements these days in which marketers put more focus on the safety of your family, especially your kids instead of talking about the luxury features of the car. This brings a sense of emotion and responsibility in the parents towards their family and that highly influences their buying decision. Sometimes they even ignore the most important factor i.e. price while buying a car based on their emotional concern.

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