The Sovereign Psyche: Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom

by Ezrah Aharone

247 Pages, Nonfiction, Softcover and Hardcover

"The Sovereign Psyche" is not just the title of the book.  More importantly "The Sovereign Psyche" is the motivating consciousness, intellect, and willpower that is necessary to materialize what the book defines as "Self-Authentic Freedom" as opposed to "Chattel Freedom." Chattel Freedom is when the value of a people is predicated upon the extent to which they serve the interests and institutions of others.

As such, this work asserts that there is no such thing as intellectual or institutional equality, and that Black/African people have been unknowingly thrusted into an "intellectual and institutional war," where second-place finishers either experience varying degrees of chattel freedom or they could end-up dead.

The book shows how world systems revolve around pecking orders of sovereignty and power, not democracy or equality, which is why Jeffersonian Democracy has proven unsuitable to redress the most crucial of Black America's needs.  In response, Aharone diagrams a course for an "overdue" intellectual and institutional revolution to combat racial issues that neither time nor legislation has resolved since 1865.

Regardless of the issue or aim, "genuine solutions entail what we as Black/African people intellectually and institutionally do for ourselves" Aharone writes.  "If 'Black Lives Matter' then we as Black people must channel the end-uses of our intellect and the resources of our institutions to not only prove and enforce it, but also leverage powers to penalize and/or repudiate violators."

Although this work centers upon Black/African people, the sovereign functions and frameworks are universal in application.  In this context, Aharone writes that "the sovereign concepts and criteria presented are far more rational than radical being that 'The Sovereign Psyche' will not only remain a driving force of 21st-century freedom, but those who do not embrace it will be subjugated to those who do."

The central question is, to what extent will Black/African people harness the willpower and employ the intellect of "The Sovereign Psyche" to actualize our own systems and institutions of self-authentic freedom, government, and development, without apology or permission?  This work offers the ideological apparatus to make this possible, just as others are doing all around the globe.

Ezrah Aharone is a scholar of Sovereign Studies and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Delaware State University.  He is the author of the political books Sovereign Evolution andPawned Sovereignty which Rolling Out Magazine reviewed as being “a collector’s item, alongside Welsing's Isis Papers and Woodson's Mis-Education of the Negro.”  Born in Newark and raised in Passaic, NJ, he is a graduate of Hampton University.  He has lived and worked in West Africa where he is now a business and political consultant (see 

Who Is Reading What Books?

By Patrick Esposito  

Have you ever gone into someone's home or office and looked upon their library to see what kind of books are on the shelf? You can tell much about a person by what books they read. You can also tell a lot about a person by how they dress, how they eat, who they associate with, what they do for a living, etc. Without deliberately trying to find out information, we learn more about people just by observing. In essence, that is how we get to know someone, or get to know someone better. That is also how people are drawn to one another as friends, business associates, etc. When you discover what books they read, that is when you find out what they are thinking.

When I look upon someone's book collection, I can tell if they like to read the same kind of books I read. Maybe they have read the same book. I think, more than anything else, that I can tell more about a person just by seeing what books they read. If there is someone I want to learn from, I will try to find out what books they are reading. I would love to have seen the library of Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, and Donald Trump, just to name a few. Sometimes, the best books we read were books that were recommended by someone. I would love to find out what books everyone on the Forbes 400 has read in the past year. Or I would like to know what books others in my industry are reading.

If you want to be successful at something, look at others who are successful, and do what they are doing. It sounds simple, but here is another way to look at it. Find out what books they are reading, and you will learn what is in their head, what they are thinking about. If you want to learn how to invest, find out what the Wall Street pros are reading. If you want to learn how to invest in real estate, find out what real estate investors are reading. If you want to be inspired to start a business, find out what other business people read. You can even read biographies of people in similar businesses or industries. You will find that successful people in any calling are usually reading biographies, self-help books, and anything else that would inspire motivate and educate.

If someone is looking to lose weight or just get in shape, they would ask people at the gym what books they would recommend. My personal favorite is Live Young Forever by Jack LaLanne. I think a great conversation would be among sports fans discussing some of the best books they have read. I would love to be in that conversation with my pen and pad ready. How great would it be to have Magic Johnson's top ten recommended books? You would get a double bonus there, since he was an all-star basketball player, as well as a great businessman. With all of this in mind, here is a new conversation starter? "Read any good books lately."

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