Book Trailer

July 2015

Book trailers are videos uploaded on the internet and shared all over video networking sites such as YouTube. These can be a wide budget that sustains a unique and increasing popularity which attains enormous sales in movie clips or movie maker slides to music.

Three questions you need to ask yourself before setting up an outstanding book trailer.

An outstanding book trailer can actually put you in a league of your own, but an unfavorable book trailer can put you down in the league. However, it is essential to be sincere with yourself in taking a decision on whether to establish an outstanding book trailer or not. Often times, you need to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Have i got all the time needed to create a book trailer? You just might have started writing, managing your social media, requesting reviews and executing other marketing tasks. Creating an eye catching book trailer requires much more time and focus. If you can't provide any of those, it is advisable that you allocate the job to an individual with much time.

2. Do i have the required skill to establish a book trailer? Some people don't possess the skills to establish a great book trailer. It is you don't know how to operate the computer software, you don't have a flair for visual creativity or you find it difficult learning a new thing, it quiet alright to accept your flaws in other areas and delegate your book trailer to a professional in the field.

3. What budget do i have for my book trailer? Even if you are the one in-charge of your book trailer, there are still some expenses involved. Varying from stock photos and video to visual instrument and editing software.

The main purpose of this is that if you don’t have much time, the ability required or budget to establish a unique book trailer, you should think about hiring a professional or avoid using one totally. However, if you have the time required, the ability involved and the finance to establish a unique book trailer, you are good to go all the way.

The processes involve in making your own book trailers.

The processes stated below were used in making a book trailer through Windows Movie Maker which is available of most Computers. It will require several hours but was importantly free, and it doesn't require any technicality to make one too. Steps to take are:

1. Examine different book trailers that are alike to what you would love to produce. Conclude on what you will love to do and what you won't love to do. Also consider what is readily affordable for you and your budget.

2. Put down a short script for the trailer in other for you to be able to a picture of it in your head and understand what pictures and text you will require.

3. Locate and download pictures to concise with your words. You are eligible to use your own picture or download free pictures on the internet. You can also get movie clips.

4. Import these pictures into you Windows Movie maker.

5. Get the images, move them into the movie bar situated at the lower part of the screen in the order you prefer, then right click and cut to remove. In the initial move and drop process, you have to remember saving them always.

6. Join script by clicking on the image in the movie bar and follow by clicking Edit, then titles and finally credits. You can include texts in different techniques, colors and transition effects. You are also allowed to include text before, after your images or above the images.

7. The next step is editing. After getting the basic images and text setup, view how lengthy your movie is. Mostly, Book trailers are usually within the range of 1minutes 30 seconds in length. Editing is important by clicking and dragging the length of the boxes to reduce the time range shown on the screen.

8. Locate the right music to fit into the time frame of your movie (or reduce to fit). You can decide to use or Google search 'royalty free music' to locate various sites. Listen to various classical Music’s before deciding to which to pick.

9. Go through your work and see if you are satisfied with everything before publishing the movie to your system.

10. Locate tags. Now that you have a file, you can upload it to the internet movie sites and get some viewers to look into it. You are required to understand what kind of tags you want to include to your video when it is uploaded, so i indulge you to make researches on the type of people that are searching on in your genre. You can use Googlekeyword search which possesses a couple of tools and relatively related words.

11. Get your video uploaded to suitable sites. You can upload to sites like YouTube, Google video and so on. In some sites, it takes time. However, if you use a video submission site such as Traffic Geyser or XXXX which is more costly and actually meant for websites with a large number of video. Submission can be done manually to sites like Metcalfe, Yahoo Video, Book trailers, MySpace TV, Reviver and so on. You should always remember to use your own embed links to upload to your website, social networking sites and blogs.

2015 BOOKS

Top Book Stores Around the U.S.

Asian Book Store
 (617) 822-9996
1392 Dorchester Ave
Dorchester, MA 02122

Africa World Press Inc. & The Red Sea Press Inc.
41 West Ingham Avenue Suite B
Trenton, New Jersey08607
(609) 695-3200

Kaboom Books
3116 Houston Avenue
Houston Tx. 77009
Phone: 713.869.7600

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka #205
Los Angeles, CA

The Americanist (ABAA)
113 Creeks Edge
Chapel Hill , NC 27516

Mahogany Books
37 Western Hill Mall
Fairfield, AL 35064

Latin American Book Store
204 N Geneva St
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 273-2418

Frank's Hebrew Bookstore
14425 Cedar Road (Near Green)
South Euclid, Ohio 44121
Phone: 216-291-9847

“First Lady of the Black Press” Is Subject of Book Discussion

Ethel Payne Was Important Figure in Civil Rights Era

July 2015

Many people do not recognize the name Ethel Payne among the most important people in the civil rights movement. In his new biography, James McGrath Morris aims to change that.

Morris will discuss and sign “Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, the First Lady of the Black Press” (HarperCollins, 2015) at noon on Tuesday, July 21, in the Mumford Room, located on the sixth floor of the James Madison Memorial Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. This Books & Beyond event is co-sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress and the Library’s Manuscript Division. It is free and open to the public; no tickets are required. 

Payne was a journalist as a reporter for the Chicago Defender. In those pages, she continually urged President Dwight D. Eisenhower to support desegregation. She continued throughout her career to report on the struggles of the civil rights era, and her work is credited with persuading many African Americans to take up the cause. 

President Lyndon B. Johnson acknowledged her contributions by presenting her with one of the pens he used to sign the Civil Rights Act. When she went to work for CBS in 1972, she became the first African American woman to be a commentator for a national network.    

James McGrath Morris is an author, columnist and radio show host. He writes primarily biographies and works of narrative nonfiction. He is working on a new book, “The Ambulance Drivers: Hemingway and Dos Passos – Literary Lives in War and Peace,” that will be published by Da Capo Press in 2017. His other books include “Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print and Power,” “Jailhouse Journalism: The Fourth Estate Behind Bars” and (with Kevin Stillwell) “Revolution by Murder: Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman and the Plot to Kill Henry Clay Frick.” 

Founded in 1800, the Library of Congress is the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and the largest library in the world. The Library seeks to spark imagination and creativity and to further human understanding and wisdom by providing access to knowledge through its magnificent collections, programs, publications and exhibitions. Many of the Library’s rich resources can be accessed through its website at

The Library’s Center for the Book, established by Congress in 1977 to “stimulate public interest in books and reading,” is a national force for reading and literacy promotion. A public-private partnership, it sponsors educational programs that reach readers of all ages through its affiliated state centers, collaborations with nonprofit reading promotion partners and through the Young Readers Center and the Poetry and Literature Center at the Library of Congress. For more information, visit

A Way To Afford Books You Want From Book Reviews

By Lawrence T. Scott

July 2015

You have read the book reviews and discovered books you want to buy. You love books and buying them is part of your budget. Being able to afford the books you want is not only good for you but it supports the authors and rewards them for their efforts. You should not be forced to sacrifice one thing for another because you currently cannot afford both.

So how do you manage to finance your book habit and everything else you need?

Well I'm reaching out to people to let them know that after years of study and research I have unlocked the key to having enough money so you can afford what you need or want. Having a good income is the basis and as a research analyst I am pleased to offer a new approach to personal finance and income generation.

Why I Sought A Financial Solution

From childhood I had concerns about people not having enough money. I watched my parents struggle to provide for the family. After college graduation I had my own experiences with tight budgets and not enough money. All of this led to a quest to understand why people can't get ahead and how they can.

To make a long story short, when I considered the idea rich people don't run short of money I began to investigate why. I reasoned if I could figure out how they managed to do it then I would be able to help myself and others do the same.

My Research Revealed The Cause Of Not Getting Ahead

It should come as no surprise it is a matter of income but what is not apparent is it is not about having a high salary. We find there are people in the middle class who struggle. The combination of living expenses, attempts to fund college for their children and retirement is too much. It goes beyond what they can earn through their jobs.

That understanding caused me to examine jobs in more detail in terms of income generation. What I uncovered is that jobs by design limit earning potential. But again when you consider wealthy people don't run short of money, it made sense to determine how they do that.

The secret is that wealthy people do not use employment as the primary means to generate income. They don't use investments initially as the primary means.

That difference is what explains why the top 1% is able to get ahead and the bottom 99% cannot.

From there I was able to determine what is needed to get ahead financially.

Make Plans To Increase Your Income

Take the time to learn more about my research findings and how they can help you. They have allowed me to increase my personal income and I'm helping others do the same.

So after you have checked the New York Times book reviews, fiction book reviews or book reviews online, on Amazon, from NPR and so on, you can ensure you will be able to afford the books you want because you have addressed your income needs.

The financial professionals don't have a clue. I had to figure it out on my own. While researching why people can't get ahead I discovered there is a HUGE difference between making money and earning it. That not only answers the why question but explains wealth inequality and what individuals can do to solve it. The real key to financial success is to gain the power to make money as opposed to earning it. Find out how in my FREE Making Money Explained course right now. =>


In January 2001, Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO, Amber Communications Group, Inc. established Quality Press, a special service-book packaging imprint for authors who wanted to self-publish their books instead of waiting to gain an interest from mainstream publishers.

Yvonne Rose was appointed to head Quality Press and has turned over the last fourteen years many, many thousands of Self-Published Authors’ manuscripts into completed books. As the Director of Quality Press, Yvonne and her professional team of editors, designers and printers, oversee the editing, design/layout, registration and manufacturing of every self-published author’s books. She also consults with the authors regarding their marketing, production, promotional, distribution and publicity goals

Some recently completed books packaged for self-publishers include: I Need a Day to Pray by Tina Campbell, from the group, (Mary Mary); Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals - An Artist Guide To Negotiating 360 Record Deals by Kendall Minter.Esq.; Victory Together for Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Story of Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr., Governor Evan Mecham and the Historic Battle for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday in Arizona by Pastor Warren Stewart; and Rising Up from the Blood: A Legacy Reclaimed-A Bridge Forward - The Autobiography of Sarah Washington O'Neal Rush, The Great-Granddaughter of Booker T. Washington) by Sarah Washington O'Neal Rush.

Without hesitation, Yvonne is an unbiased motivator who takes the time to understand and address the needs of all first-time authors who want to do something positive with their lives – some have been on the wrong side of the law, some are recovering addicts, some have been abused, but all get the same respect and quality service. Yvonne is steadfast in her commitment to self-published authors who dare to dream big and feels that by introducing undiscovered literature to the world marketplace as bound books and eBooks, Quality Press can change the lives of millions of people in the United States and throughout the World. She firmly believes that “We are MANY VOICES sharing ONE EXPERIENCE... WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL, but only a chosen few of us are willing or able to share that story with the masses.”

Because of Yvonne’s beliefs and because of the company’s thousands of satisfied clients, Quality Press has become the number one Self-Publishing - Book Packaging service for African Americans in the nation. Quality Press has a pool of top-quality editors and book designers with more than 200 years of combined experience in all genres of publishing and all facets of the media. The lineup of self-published books produced by Quality Press includes: non-fiction, fiction, biographies, poetry, business and career guides, children’s books, cookbooks, urban, historic and romance novels.

Yvonne is a top requested author for public speaking appearances and an advisor to countless aspiring authors. She gives each author personal attention, answering all their questions regarding the rules and regulations and the ins and outs of the book publishing industry. Yvonne has received many accolades from her clients who come from all walks of life, including: doctors, attorneys, educators, coaches and lawmakers. "You're the best!" "Thanks for all your hard work!" "I love my book!" "Awesome job!" "You are such a motivating person." "You inspire me!"

Yvonne has ghost-written and co-written several top selling non-fiction titles, including: Rising up from the Blood: A Legacy Reclaimed - A Bridge Forward The Autobiography of Sarah Washington O'Neal Rush, The Great-Granddaughter of Booker T. Washington (Solid Rock Books) by Sarah Washington O'Neal Rush; Natural Radiance: A Guide for Ethnic Skin Care (Global Skin Solutions Publishing) by Pamela Springer; Fighting for Your Life: The African American Criminal Justice Survival Guide (Amber Books) by John Elmore, Esq.; Led by the Spirit: A Sharecropper’s Son Tells His Story of Love, Happiness, Success and Survival (Strickland Books) by Robuster Strickland; Let Them Play... The Story of the MGAA (MGAA Books) by John David; A Journey that Matters: Your Personal Living Legacy (Lyceum Group Books) by Erline Belton; The Messman: A World War II Hero Tells His Story of Survival and Segregation on the Battleship North Carolina (Quality Books) by Yvonne Rose and John Seagraves; and FREEZE: Just Think about It (More Than A Pro Books) by Levar Fisher. She is currently ghostwriting a book for WBLS New York Radio / Television host and personality Doctor Bob Lee.

For more details, visit,, or call 602-743-7426.

Interested Authors:

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The Benefits Of Using Article Rewriter Software Devices

by Alexis Colby

july 2015

Article rewriter software devices are free, programmed text rewriters that will change intelligible content into extra, comprehensible content. At that point, after your reworked content is made, it provides for you the alternative of posting this recently made one of a kind substance straightforwardly to your Blogger or WordPress blog.

Having a constant stream of crisp, comprehensible content is the most ideal path for your site or website to addition internet searcher introduction. Quality written substance is all that matters, as is commonly said … in any event as essential as fundamental site design improvement. Therefore, article rewriter software devices can be an essential device for any individual who needs to market their site or item online as fast and productively as could reasonably be expected. With all the extraordinary, quality literary substance you could ever need, you will rapidly increase authentic web perceivability, both as far as human readership and internet searcher presentation.

Utilizing article rewriter software you can immediately turn (or change) a piece of literary substance up to 6000 characters long, which is about twice the length of a normal site or openly dispersed article. With a solitary click you can transform your old blog entry or site article into a totally new one, subsequently multiplying the result you receive as an exchange for the time and vitality you have officially put into making quality site content. Article rewriter devices are extremely quick and in addition free, so there is conceivably no restriction to the measure of free web content that you can make utilizing this device. *** Automatic Blog Posting Feature Just Added

*** For you blog clients, the recently added “Post Spun Text to WordPress or Blogger” peculiarity will spare you from needing to make the extra strides of duplicating and sticking your spun content into a different (validated) web program tab/window. You can now post whatever revised article you have made specifically to your WordPress or Blogger blog from the same page you used to revamp the article. Essentially enter another blog entry title, pick your sought site stage goal (WordPress or Blogger), then enter the fundamental accreditations for making the blog entry.

NOTE: in the event that you need to utilize your Blogger/Google web journal to put your new substance out on the web, there is an extra step obliged: You must click the “Get Blog List” catch to recover the sites connected with the Blogger qualifications you have entered. At that point, after the rundown is populated, you will have the capacity to choose your fancied destination Blogger blog.

You can use article rewritten content turning capacities to encourage conceptualizing, or evaluate better approaches for examining subjects that you are running out on discussing. This content revamping instrument will quickly give better approaches to redesign your twitter channel, site redesigns or blog entries.

For some bloggers, twitter clients and online advertisers this free text rewriter is a blessing from heaven. The long, exhausting errand of picking up web crawler predominance in your corner simply got a ton less demanding!

The straightforward truth is that, as an Internet advertiser, you need an option that is superior to simulated external link establishment and pages of futile, scattered hogwash to get durable movement referrals from significant internet searchers, for example, Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google specifically gives careful consideration to your guests’ conduct. So if guests are rapidly exploring somewhere else on the grounds that your site is loaded with garbage content, then you will get less movement referrals from Google as time goes on.

The article rewriter software device is a single click article rewriter that obliges no information exchange or enrollment on the off chance that you need to utilize the free form. This product does not release “spintax” designed results, nor does it oblige you to enter spintax to make recently changed substance. Everything you need to do is enter intelligible content and you will get comprehensible content out.

There are some “free” text rewriters out there that oblige you to enter your content with legitimately designed “spintax” to make the deciding result. In any case how you require a completely separate device to make this machine organized content, so how is this truly helpful to you? Article rewriter software does all reasoning for you, from taking in the connection of each expression to making extra printed substance that is as discernable and genuine as the content you initially entered.

Other text rewriters additionally oblige that you enter your own particular custom equivalent words physically or separately support arrangements of potential equivalent words as they are exhibited to you. This is an alternate method for anticipating that you will do the majority of considering, rather than anticipating that the product will be brilliant enough to immediately make informed decisions for you. Subsequently, one of article rewriting software devices primary objectives is to make the text rewriting process as brisk and easy as could be expected under the circumstances.

There is likewise the alternative to turn uppercase words (thought to be formal people, places or things) and also leave any number of words unaltered, contingent upon whatever you enter into the “overlook” field, differentiated by commas. You additionally have the alternative to just keep the sentences that were changed a base rate, as shown by the “Keep Sentences that Changed” choice.

Article rewriter software devices are just the best free text rewriter on the web today, without exception. Article rewriter softwares beats whatever other article changing instrument on the web, as far as adequacy, velocity and comfort, no doubt, inevitably.


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