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N.E. Online Informer Staff


Doreen Wade

Ernst Chery, Jr.
Sales Manager

Sonya Robinson
N.E.I -P.R. Manager


Associate Editor
Staff Contributor

Art Editor
Clarence Pointer

NEI Photographer
Staff Contributor

NEI Staff Contributors

Vincent Abner
Ezrah Aharone
Contributing Writer
Editorial Columnist
Jabrim Raven Allen -
Social Economic Corner
Entertainment Review
Educational Columnist
Joan Burston -
Contributing Writer
James Clingman Jr.- Contributing Columnist
Wendy Coles -
Contributing Columnist
E. Lee Fayerweather -
Contributing Witer
Gary Norris Gray -
Sports Columnist
Mike Green,
Contributing Columnist
R Kay Green, PHD
Contributing Columnist
Cathy Harris -
Literary Columnist / Book
Club Advisor
Dr. Stephen Jones -
Educational Columnist
Healthy Living News
Contributing Writers
Guest Health and Wellness
Contributing Colunist
Guest MPHA, Health and Wellness Contributing
Donald Lee
Sylvia Lee
Contributing Writer
Pastor Donald Lee-
Contributing Columnist
Omar Lee -
Poet and Black History Fact
Ken Lindner
Contributing Living Columnist
Wayne M. Levine -
Male Advise Columnist
Susan Lyons, -
Contributing Columnist
Terry Angel Mason -
Staff Writer
Michael A. LeNoir, M.D
Contributing Writer
Contributing Columnist
Leigh Paynne -
Advise Columnist
Elizabeth Robbins -
Opinion Columnist
Steve Sookikian, MS-
Health Contributor
Youth Corner


American Stroke Association
Better Business Bureau
Black Sports Network
Black News
Business Wire
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Office Of the Mayor Of Boston
Office of the Governor Of Massachusetts
Office Of the Governor of Vermont
Office of the President Of the U.S. - White House
Department of Recruiters Network
PR Newswire
U.S. Department Of CensusVermont & Massachusetts
Robert Power


Office Executives
Re' Antoine
Assistant To Publisher

Keri Singleton
Public Relations Manager


If You Are Not Working With N.E.Informer You Are Not Getting Noticed - Disseminating From One End Of The Globe To The Other


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Internships And Available Opportunities with N.E Online Informer

Editorial Online
Interns assist in the production, maintenance, and promotion of the editorial content on this Web site. Interns will assist in monthly page updates, perform online research related to the newsmagazine content, and send out prewritten electronic promotional materials to other sites, as well as mailing lists and news groups.

Editorial Assistant
These interns are responsible for: photo research and filing, typing manuscripts, transcribing interview tapes, sending pdf’s to various companies and clients, and publicists, updating story content, possible writing assignments, possible developing story ideas, assisting staff writers with research, editing pieces.

Editorial Design
Interns assist the department in the design and production of New England Informer/ N.E. Informer Online. 

Graphic Design
These interns will produce ad and promotional material for New England Informer/ N.E. Informer Online.  Update present layout and design ideas for upcoming year.

Commission Sales Position
N.E. Informer Online is looking to develope a sales team with a commission-based sales person. This person would need great organizational skills, a good working understanding of general business issues, sales (or account rep) experience, and an basic understanding of the newspaper/magazine industry.

Because this is a commission-based position, it is perfect for a highly motivated person who already has part time work or some other freelance endeavor, but who is confident in their ability to build relationships and to effectively represent our company. Detailed knowledge of the local business community and existing relationships are also a plus. Commissions are solid, but it is NOT a salaried position.

Freelance Writers
If you have a specialized skill in the areas of Medical, Fitness, Hair care, Career specialist, Movie critics, Poets, real estate agents, travel agents and would like to write an on-going monthly column, we are accepting columnist with strong writing, editing, and story development skills.  For consideration send a usable writing sample.

INTERN: Web Applications Developer
Web Applications Software Developer to assist in the development of web applications and components for our web sites providing personal ad infrastructure for media outlets throughout the country. Skills needed: 1+ year experience in commercial web development using Microsoft technologies; deep skill in VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML and the range of other ASP technologies; MS SQL and .NET experience useful. This is not a design position, but Photoshop, Illustrator and Shockwave Flash


New England Informer is the most consistently sought after premier newsmagazine for Individuals who need to reach and network with a diverse community. New England Informer disseminates thought-provoking and high-quality information. It prides itself as a constant resource offering up-to-date information and current articles, which helps all types of businesses to meet the growing demands of diverse consumers through advertising, marketing and more.

Unlike other local newsmagazines, which are offering limited, entertainment, repetitious and localized information, N.E. Informer newsmagazine offers information you want to know – today!

N.E. Informer newsmagazine produces a product, with a proven track record of promoting self-determination, financial literacy and economic literacy.


The Newsmagazines' mission is to disseminate information to empower Black Americans while building partnerships between African American/Latin American and non communities of color. It's goal, becoming the premier information resource tool helping build better businesses and meet the growing demands of its consumers. It will offer up to date information. Whether through training, educating, advertising or marketing, it will promote economic self-determination, financial independence and economic literacy.

N.E. Online Informer and New England Informer's high-quality and thought-provoking format will make this Newsmagazine the most consistently sought after Black Owned publication.

N.E. Online Informer and New England Informer has the opportunity to become the leader in this Industry, setting the standards, today, tomorrow and for generations to come while bringing issues, concerns and information to the forefront of its community. Daily it establishes Collaborations and Partnerships throughout the country.

N.E. Online Informer and New England Informer will offer to its communities a Newsmagazine, which will not be designed to be hampered by minority stereotypes and misunderstandings in the news.

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The N.E Online Informer ensures that all the information on this site is updated and correct, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, direct or indirect, resulting from use of this information. We shall not be liable for and assume no responsibility for, any damages to, or any infection by viruses, worms, Trojan horses or anything else that may infect your computer equipment or other property on account of your access to use the site. The N.E. Online Informer and New England Informer accepts no responsibility for any linked sites not under our control.

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Many people have inquired about supporting N.E. Online Informer & New England Informer. You can contribute through our sponsorships. Please download our media kit and fill in the donation form, to submit your contributions to N.E. Informer and send the form to our mailing address seen at the top of the page.